Exchange Students Coming to W&M

As a new student joining our undergraduate student body, you will participate in both International Student Orientation as well as New Student Orientation. Important information will also be provided through your W&M email address and myWM, which will serve as a primary means of communication between you and William & Mary.

Because you are an exchange student, the requirements for you are slightly different than for degree-seeking students. Please read the following information carefully, and contact [[visitingexchange, Visiting Exchange]] at the Reves Center with any questions.

Course Registration

Follow the directions sent to you in an email on how to choose your perferred courses. It is very important that you complete the online form sent to you by the Global Education Office by the designated date.  It is also very important to activate your WMuser ID as soon as you receive  instructions.  You will need that to login and register for classes the morning your registration time opens. 


Once you complete the online housing application (as indicated in your acceptance letter), you will automatically be assigned on-campus housing in a shared room. Note: it is not necessary for you to complete the freshman housing questionnaire.


As a visiting exchange student, you will need to complete this.

Tuition and Fees

As a visiting exchange student, you will not be billed for W&M’s standard tuition; rather, you will continue to pay your home university's tuition as you normally do. Please check your acceptance letter for a summary of the other fees for which you are responsible during your semester(s) at William & Mary.

Student Accounts and Bills

Your orientation fee, health insurance, and housing and room deposit will appear on your student account in July (fall semester) or December (spring semester). You can pay these either before you arrive or within the first week you are on campus. The meal plan will be charged once you have selected the option that best fits your needs.  You must select a meal plan by the first  day of classes or one will be automatically selected for you.

There are several ways you can pay your fees, including peerTransfer, which typically allows you to pay in your home currency.

During Orientation you will be given information about opening a bank account with a local bank. If you choose to do so, you will have checks to pay your student account bills and a debit card for other purchases.

Laptop/Notebook Computer

All students at William & Mary, including visiting exchange students, are required to have a personal laptop computer.

If you do not plan to bring your own, you may purchase one through William & Mary. It will take up to 3 weeks to produce your computer if you select this option.

Planning your U.S. Stay

As you plan your time in the U.S., we have information on academic breaks, travel, internships, and other topics that will help you.