William & Mary

Campus Life

With this many options, it almost isn't fair.

Campus life at William & Mary is as varied and engaging as the remarkable students who go here. We're athletes, artists, activists, hikers, singers, researchers and adventurers, and W&M knows how to make us happy.

Let's start with our student clubs and organizations—over 400 at last count—where we do our a cappella thing, review movies for the campus newspaper and organize medical outreach trips to Africa. We believe in W&M's mission to make the world a better place, so we dive headfirst into service. Not just in Virginia, but across the globe.

We promote sustainability through faculty/student research, student internships, innovative community partnerships and widespread volunteerism. W&M is producing leaders who understand both the challenge and the opportunity in a sustainable future.

Nothing gets us going like some friendly competition, and W&M's incredible sports and recreation program has the top-notch facilities and endless choices—ultimate Frisbee, surfing, ballroom dance—to mash our inner couch potato.

When it's time to relax and hang with friends, we kick back in our comfy campus apartments and residence halls or meet up at "the Caf" (think dining hall of your dreams) for some Moroccan chicken and fresh-baked cookies.

On the weekends, we hit Williamsburg for a movie, live music at Aroma's or to sample the great pub food at legendary delis right across the street from campus.

Life's good at W&M. Find out more: