Vanity URLs

Because won't fit on a postcard.

Good information architecture does not necessarily translate to simple URLs. Simplified or vanity URLs can help. We offer two solutions.

Solution 1: Create a Simple URL with a Redirect Within Your Cascade Site

You're putting a URL on a t-shirt and you don't want to print this:

Instead, you want this:

With Cascade, you can simply create a Folder with Redirect within your site's root folder.

Solution 2: Request a W&M Vanity URL

By request to [[creative]], we'll create a shorter, personal URL for your website or webpage that you can use in your print, web and verbal communications. This short URL will automatically redirect visitors to the full address. Please keep in mind that in order to support this service for numerous sites and pages we must maintain strict guidelines.

Guidelines for Vanity URL Requests
  1. Your site or page address must begin with
  2. The requested vanity URL must begin with
  3. Vanity URL requests must include an office, department or program surrounded by slashes. For example,