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Protecting W&M Email Addresses

Basic Email Protection
  1. In the Cascade editor surround a username such as “txjeff” with double square brackets, for example [[txjeff]]. This is converted in your page to the functional email link
  2. If you prefer your email link to be a proper name or phrase enter a comma and the desired link text after the username, for example [[txjeff,Thomas Jefferson]]. This is converted in your page to the functional email link Thomas Jefferson.

    *Note that
    Basic Email Protection in VIMS pages converts to an "" address and in Mason pages to an "" address. If you want to be absolutely certain a username is converted into the expected email format, use Advanced Email Protection and one of the prepend rules below.
Advanced Email Protection
  1. To protect an email address that is outside of your site's domain (or is a department or G Suite account) prepend the username with a letter or department identifier and a vertical bar or pipe (|) according to the following rules.

    Prepend Rule Example
    w| always converts to W&M email format- [[w|txjeff]] converts to
    e| always converts to G Suite email format- [[e|txjeff]] converts to
    v| always converts to VIMS email format- [[v|txjeff]] converts to
    m| always converts to Mason email format- [[m|txjeff]] converts to
    cs| always converts to CS email format- [[cs|txjeff]] converts to
    math| always converts to Mathematics email format- [[math|txjeff]] converts to
    physics| always converts to Physics email format- [[physics|txjeff]] converts to
    Advanced Email Protection works for linked phrases, too. For example [[m|txjeff,Thomas Jefferson]] will make the text "Thomas Jefferson" an email link to like Thomas Jefferson.