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Content Buttons

Turn your link into a button. No image work required.

Easy does it. As with other treatments that embellish the text, you don't want to overdo it. 

Create a button:
  1. Create a link on its own line. Sample link text: Register, Apply Now, Activate Your Account, etc.
  2. Highlight the linked text.
  3. Select the Formats >> Custom sub-menu to apply the content_button style. 

To create multiple buttons aligned horizontally, create the links on the same line and apply the button format to each link. Buttons will drop below each other when necessary to accommodate narrower screen widths.

Formatting guidelines:
  • Buttons are customized per school and will automatically use your site's colors.
  • Keep it short. Button text will automatically accommodate the screen width, wrapping the text when necessary.

A Button

First Button on a LineSecond Button on a Line

Problem: The text of my button is cut off.

Buttons will not accommodate more than three lines of text. Edit the text of your button to a shorter length. Note: mobile devices have a narrower screen width, causing the text to wrap to additional lines sooner.

Problem: My button looks abnormally large/tall.

If your button appears different than expected after applying a content button format, it's possible it was applied on top of another format. To reset the button's formats, go to the WYSIWYG toolbar and select Format >> Clear formatting (Clear formatting). Then, reapply the content button format to the linked text.