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Fancy Characters & Styling

For text fields and captions.

On occasion you will need to display fancy characters or use italics in an area with no WYSIWYG editor to assist you - in one of Cascade's plain text fields such as the page title or teaser, or a caption.

Special Characters in Text Fields

Some characters will paste into a plain text field accurately from a source such as Word. Copy and paste the character into the field in Cascade and submit the page to confirm if it displays correctly.

You can also try this handy online HTML escape tool. Copy and paste your content with fancy characters into the escape tool's input box. Then copy and paste the escaped output into your Cascade text field. Don't forget to preview the page before publishing!

Italics, Bold & Superscript in Captions

When italics or superscript are needed in a caption (photosets, slideshows, embedded YouTube videos, etc.), wrap the words or phrases in the designated "pseudo code":

  • {em} {/em} for italics
  • {strong} {/strong} for bold - avoid use of bold in captions
  • {sup} {/sup} for superscript

For example, the following caption:

H.M.S. {em}Pinafore{/em}

Will display as:

H.M.S. Pinafore