Cultural Opportunities
Scholarships and Awards
  • Department Awards - At the end of each academic year during the Department's graduation ceremony, the Chinese Program presents awards to students for their outstanding achievements in Chinese studies.
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship - This scholarship is sponsored by Hanban to those interested in studying in China.
  • External Awards - Non-W&M programs that offer scholarships for students learning Chinese.
Confucius Institute Resources
  • Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) - William & Mary Confucius Institute (WMCI) serves as a location for various Chinese language exams, including the HSK. This is an official standardized test of Chinese proficiency in Mainland China. It is widely recognized by Chinese universities and employers as a way to evaluate applicants for admission, scholarships, or employment
  • Books and other media - WMCI houses a library containing a wide array of materials such as books (on Chinese culture, literature, HSK, etc..), magazines, dictionaries, reference books, art works, and electronic equipment for a total experience and understanding of Chinese language and culture.
  • Non-credit Courses - William & Mary Confucius Institute offers non-credit language and culture courses regularly.
  • BNU Teaching Positions - William & Mary Confucius Institute is the collaborative program between W&M and Beijing Normal University (BNU). They regularly recruit English teachers for the School of Foreign Languages and Literature at BNU. Graduate students who are getting English degrees as well as those who are studying other subjects benefit from having a native-speaking English teacher.