Chinese House

Chinese House


William & Mary Chinese Language House is a place where you can get benefits of living and breathing Chinese language and culture. The Chinese House offers around-the-clock Chinese study in various forms: tea talk, movie night, celebration of Chinese holidays, cooking lessons and much more. Currently there are 22 residents living in Chinese House. Most of them are learning Chinese, spanning intermediate and advanced levels.

Address: Preston Hall 1st Floor, Randolph Complex, 500A Ukrop Way

There are two ways to get insider news of Chinese House:

  1. Tea Talk
    One hour per week for each level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students usually come to practice spoken Chinese while drinking tea. Beginning level focuses on tone correction and practical phrases; intermediate level emphasizes on smooth dialogues in daily life; advanced level covers free talk, real language and culture interpretation. Different kinds of tea (green tea, flower tea, etc.), Chinese candies and snacks are served each time.
  2. Movie Nights
    Chinese House screens various genres of Chinese movies every month, such as action (kongfu), drama, documentary, etc.
  3. Chinese Holidays Celebration
    Chinese House plans parties around Chinese holidays, for instance, Harvest Moon festival, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Special Chinese food is usually served.
  4. Cooking Class
    Chinese cooking classes are offered once per month. Participants will learn to cook authentic Chinese dishes.
  5. Cultural & Social Events
    Cultural and social events, such as calligraphy and painting workshop, Taiji, board game night, Chinese music night and ping pong/volleyball competition, will be organized every month.
  6. Other Special Events
    There are several special events held by all language houses throughout the academic year. These events are open to all language house residents and students on campus.
    • Open House for Family Weekend
    • International Dinner
    • Open House for Language House Application

To learn more about the Chinese House, please contact the Chinese Language House International Fellow, [[chao, Cheng Hao]] or Advisor [[qsu, Qian Su]]. Students who wish to apply should visit the Special Interest Housing section of Residence Life's website or contact [[msherman, Michelle Sherman]] in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures.