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Graduate Fellows


Beltran-Rubio, Laura
Email: [[e|llbeltranrubio]]
Research Interests: Arts of the Americas; History of Design and the Transmission of Ideas; Fashion, Jewelry, and Decorative Arts; Drawings and Prints; Digital Art History

Jessica Cowing

Cowing, Jessica
Email: [[e|jlcowing]]
Research Interests: critical disability studies, settler colonialism and Native/Indigenous studies, American literature

Lindsay Garcia

Garcia, Lindsay
Email: [[e|ldgarcia]]
Website: {{}}; {{}}
Research Interests: Visual Art Practice; Animal Studies; Critical Race Theory; Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies; Digital Humanities; Posthumanist Theory; New Materialisms; Queer Theory; Environmental Justice.


Kott, Julia
Email: [[e|jskott]]
Research Interests : Digital Communication, Feminism and eLearning, Digital Exclusion, Literary Theory, Critical pedagogy

Jennifer Ross

Ross, Jennifer
Email: [[e|jnross]]
Website:: {{}}
Research Interests: Contemporary American literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Modern American History, Biopolitics, Histories and Theories of Race, Disaster Studies, Urban Studies, Digital Humanities

C. Slaby

Slaby, Christopher J.
Email: [[e|cjslaby]]
Research Interests: Native American History, Environmental Studies, Visual and Material Culture, Vernacular Architecture, the Built Environment, and Cultural Landscapes, Monuments, Memory, and Memorialization, Public History, Parks and Roads, Museum Studies, Popular Culture, the Northeast/New England.

Ravynn Stringfield

Stringfield, Ravynn
Email: [[e|rkstringfield]]
Website: {{}}
Research Interests: Popular Culture, Graphic Novels, 20th & 21st century African-American literature, African-American History

Khanh Vo

Vo, Khanh
Email: [[e|kvvo]]
Research Interests: Nineteeth-century and Twentieth-century U.S. History, Material Culture, Social History of Science & Technology, Digital Humanities, Posthumanism, Public History, Food Studies

Ari Weinberg

Weinberg, Ari
Email: [[e|amweinberg]]
Research Interests: Evolution of Music Technology, Nineteeth-century & Early Twentieth-century Cultural History; Identity Formation, Popular Music, Nationalism, Intersectionality, Social Justice Pedagogy, Digital Humanities


Woodbury, Sara
Email: [[e|scwoodbury]]
Research Interests: Federal Community Art Centers; travel infrastructures and their influence on arts access; 19th-20th-century American art; New Deal arts initiatives; digital humanities