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Ari Weinberg


Email: [[e|amweinberg]]
Equality Lab Affiliation: Graduate Affiliate
Research Interests: Evolution of Music Technology, Nineteeth-century & Early Twentieth-century Cultural History; Identity Formation, Popular Music, Nationalism, Intersectionality, Social Justice Pedagogy, Digital Humanities


Ari Weinberg is a graduate student in American Studies who examines songster books produced in the 19th century for themes of race, gender, class, and nationalism. At the moment, Ari is researching songsters from the Civil War era in order to shed light on the value society placed on music as vital to Civil War soldiers' health. Highlighting the importance of songster books as locations for social identity formation throughout the 19th century, Ari explores how these conceptions of self and other continue to influence identity in the present. One of the key aspects of a songster is the dialogue that happens between its users; Ari believes dialogue is a useful tool for connection & learning and hopes to incorporate it into the classroom as well.

High Honors Undergraduate Thesis "Singing American Identity: The Negotiation of Race, Gender, Class and Nationalism in Antebellum Songsters", 2014 
B.A. American Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2014
Selected Professional Experiences
Lemon Project Graduate Assistant (2015-2016)
Coordinator of Community Engagement, Michigan Community Scholars Program (2014-2015)
Research Team Member, MCubed Digital Humanities Project: The Land of Sunshine Magazine (2013-2014)