2009 Chemistry News Stories

Kaine at the ISC
Gov. Kaine tours College's ISC

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine visited the Integrated Science Center at the College of William and Mary as part of his Cabinet Community Day.

Department Continues Tradition in National ACS Rankings

Graduation statistics recently issued from the American Chemical Society (ACS) indicate that the Department of Chemistry at William and Mary continues to excel in the number of chemistry degrees awarded to our majors.

Professor Pike's CHEM 103 among the Best Nationwide

An undergraduate course at William and Mary was singled out in a national study of chemistry courses conducted by the Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR) on behalf of the College Board.

Brian Lottig '98 Puts His Chemistry Degree to Good Use

Like many undergraduates, Brian Lottig '98 came to college with his mind focused on two things: academics and beer — a combination that he has turned into a successful career as a brewmaster.

Bill Starnes' Patent Promises Better Plastic Along with Safer World

What excites Floyd Dewey Gottwald, Sr. Professor of Chemistry William Starnes most about his recently patented organic stabilizers for PVC isn't the tremendous monetary potential the invention could bring him, the College and his department. It's the idea that his contribution to the growing $1.8-billion heat stabilizers industry could help save lives.

Keep Your Eye on Megan Dellinger '05

When she entered William and Mary in 2001, Megan Dellinger ('05) showed a lot of promise. She was awarded one of two Dow scholarships given to college freshmen who are prospective chemistry majors, and she had already participated in chemistry research during the summer at Carnegie Mellon University.