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How It Works

As a mentor, you will be matched with an undergraduate or graduate woman student, based on your mutual interests. Mentors meet regularly with their protégés, at times that are convenient for both of them. Some of our mentor/protégé pairs meet weekly; others find that it works best for them to meet once a month.  We do ask that you meet at least monthly. 

You will discuss some areas of interest with your protégé when you develop your Mentoring Agreement, and can set your own agenda for your meetings based on that. Some pairs have met for coffee or a walk; others have hosted each other for dinner at home. 

This short video provides an overview of the experience and expectations.

{{youtube:medium|h_Za0v7YPt8, WM2 Introduction}}

Complete this form to indicate your interest in serving as a mentor.

About Time Commitments

We know women faculty and staff already tend to commit more of their time to extracurricular initiatives like this - which is why, at its base, becoming a WMmentor requires only four hours per semester. We believe that those four hours of creating a space in which women can learn from each other about personal and professional development is invaluable. Strong mentoring relationships expose women to ideas and opportunities they otherwise would not have known or considered, and they provide support for the challenges women face on campus and beyond.  

While the commitment required is relatively low, at about four hours per semester, we do ask that you plan your time with your protégé purposefully, based on how you both would like to grow through the program.

In light of conversations with participants from the program, given the powerful message in Miss Representation (which inspired the creation of this program), and following on the success of women’s mentoring programs elsewhere, we are committed to empowering William and Mary women through mentoring.  We would be delighted to have you to join us.