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Student Insurance Links & Resources

This page contains a variety of helpful links, resources and videos. If you need additional assistance or have questions that you weren't able to answer with these helpful resources, please contact the William & Mary UHCSR Student Insurance Coordinator.

Links: To easily access information that you need.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR)

UHCSR Plan Page for William & Mary

UHC Options PPO Directory

MyAccount Login

United Behavioral Health (UBH)

UBH Provider Search

OptumRx Prescription Drug Plan

UnitedHealth Allies

Global Emergency Services

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Resources: To help you better understand insurance in general

Frequently Asked Questions: Questions we hear a lot!

Glossary: To make student health insurance jargon as clear as possible so that you understand your student insurance.

Health Insurance 101: A generic overview of health insurance types and terminology

Question & Answers about Health Insurance: A consumer guide offering general information & answering frequently asked questions.

Understanding Your EOB: A document providing guidance on how to read your explanation of benefits
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New College Grad Health Insurance Buying Guide: Money Geek's helpful guide for understanding your options in buying health insurance on your own.
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Helpful Videos: To learn more about your Student Health Insurance Plan and to better understand how to access valuable information.

What are Deductibles, Coinsurance and Copays?: Explains how deductibles, coinsurance and copays work.

What is an EOB?Explains the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that you receive once your claims is processed.

How to create UHCSR My Account: Learn how easy it is to create your UHCSR MyAccount to manage your healthcare 24/7.

How to Request Insurance ID Card: Learn how to access your UHCSR ID Card.

How to find a Provider and Cost Estimator: Learn how to use the Cost Estimator tool to find an approximate cost for a service/treatment with a particular provider.

Care Options-Not Sure Where To Go?: Learn how to use the tool that provides you with different care options when your not sure where to go?

How to check claims status: Learn about claim status, claims letters and manage or submit accident details.

How to submit a PRA: Learn how to file a PRA (Personal Representative Appointment) so that someone you trust like a parent/guardian or spouse can act on your behalf to assist you with insurance matters.

How to submit a Claim: Learn how to submit a claim so that you can request reimbursement for your claims that you've paid for directly to the healthcare provider.

How to submit Accident Details: Learn how to submit accident details so that your claims will not be delayed or denied. UHCSR needs more information about the nature of the accident/injury to determine if there is a separate responsible third-party or if your health plan is the primary payee.

How to access IRS Form (1095-B): Learn how to access your 1095-B, health insurance tax form, which you will use to verify on your tax return that you have at least minimum qualifying health insurance coverage.

Who is OptumRx?: Learn about OptumRx, your pharmacy care services manager.

What is Prior Authorization?: Find out what prior authorization is and what you may need to do before filling your prescription.

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