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Annual Performance Summary

The current performance management implementation is for all staff and will be conducted in Cornerstone (faculty are not included). After logging into Cornerstone, please click on the green My Tasks button to start the annual performance summary.

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2022 - 2023 Annual Performance Summary

The performance summary period covers May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023.

The performance summary contains three parts. These are the sections the employee, supervisor, and reviewer will see in Cornerstone.

Part 1: Performance Assessment (Employee and Supervisor to Complete)
  • Provide a summary of performance. Information may be taken from previous check-in conversations. One to three paragraphs should be provided outlining the employee’s performance during the performance year.
  • If the employee was hired after January 1, 2023, please enter "Not applicable" in the comments.
Part 2: Performance Planning for 2022-2023 (Employee and Supervisor to Complete)
  • Provide the training and development plan. Examples include attending a conference, participating in leadership training classes, mentoring opportunities, having stretch assignments, and/or obtaining certifications.
  • Provide expectations and measures. There are six available boxes for recording expectations and measures, but only three are required. Examples include cross-training three subordinates, reducing department expenses by 10%, or increasing accuracy in data entry by 20%.
Part 3: Performance Ratings (Supervisor to Complete)
  • Did the employee meet performance expectations for 2022-2023? If the employee was hired after January 1, 2023 or was off work due to medical or other reasons most of the performance year, please select "N/A" and enter an explanation in the comments.
  • Did the employee receive a recognition of exceptional performance during the performance period? Examples include an email, verbal recognition, or recognition pay.

These are the steps within Cornerstone:

Performance Summary Steps
Steps and Expected Actions Due Date Special Notes
1. Employee clicks on My Tasks button within Cornerstone. Employee submits performance summary for the review period and a performance plan for the next year. March 26 This is an optional step and is open to employees starting March 13.

2. Supervisor reads performance summary and future plan, and provides comments on both summary and future plan.

Supervisor provides two ratings and justifications for the ratings.

Supervisor electronically signs and submits the review.

April 12


Supervisors may begin reviewing summaries at any time after submission. Employees have until March 26 to complete.

If the employee did not meet expectations, the supervisor should contact for a performance improvement plan.

Wrong supervisor appears? See more information about Co-Planners below.

3. Reviewer (employee's indirect manager) approves the summary and plan.

Reviewer electronically signs and submits the review.

April 27

Reviewer has view-only access.

Reviewers may begin reviewing summaries at any time after submission by the supervisor. Supervisors have until April 12 to complete.

Wrong reviewer appears? See more information about Co-Planners below.

Upon approval by the reviewer, the summary will be returned to the supervisor. The supervisor should schedule a meeting to discuss the summary with employee and release it for the employee's signature.

Please note, if the supervisor does not release the summary to the employee, it will be automatically sent on May 2. 

4. Employee electronically signs. Employee must submit the summary for finalization. May 5

The employee can decline to sign, but must submit the summary for finalization.

The appeal process is conducted offline with University HR. The employee should contact

Co-Planners for Supervisors or Reviewers

Supervisors and reviewers may add a co-planner to a review. This allows another supervisor or reviewer to assist with completing the performance review and is especially helpful in several situations.

  • Supervisor or reviewers can add a co-planner when the supervisor/reviewer is correctly assigned to the employee in Banner, but another supervisor/reviewer oversees the employee on a day-to-day basis.
    • Directions to add a co-planner: In the upper right hand corner, click on Options and select Add Co-Planners. Search for the name of a co-planner and confirm your selection. If you are unable to locate your desired co-planner, please see the section below.
  • University HR ( can add a co-planner on supervisor/reviewer's behalf when the:
    • Employee recently moved from a separate department to another and the previous supervisor/reviewer has a better understanding of the employee's performance,
    • Supervisor/Reviewer recently moved from one department to another, or
    • Supervisor/Reviewer is incorrectly assigned in Banner and needs correction.
    • Please provide the names for the employee and co-planner in your email.