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Classification & Compensation

What is Classification & Compensation (C&C)?

Classification & Compensation strives to maintain a comprehensive and competitive compensation plan for W&M and VIMS. We maintain a program that is fair and competitive to support the unique nature of our business, develop career opportunities, and professional career growth. Our Classification & Compensation professionals:

  • Serve as the institutional source of expertise on all classification and compensation matters pertaining to staff employees;
  • Collaborate with managers and leaders in the resolution of classification and compensation challenges;
  • Establish and maintain the university’s classification and compensation structures; 
  • Develop position descriptions that document essential job functions, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities;
  • Evaluate positions for the appropriate classification and compensation levels while complying with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Establish/update classification structures and compensation practices;
  • Advise departments about their positions;
  • Evaluate internal equity;
  • Participate in market/salary surveys to benchmark the university's salaries against peer institutions and industries to remain competitive.
Position Descriptions

The position description is a wheel with many spokes; it is used for recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation, and determining compensation. It is also the official record of the duties assigned to the position. 

Next Steps

Start with a request to create a new or update an existing positions in PeopleAdmin, the university's position management and applicant tracking system.

Access PeopleAdmin

Additional Areas of Support
  • Temp Pay approvals
  • Salary Surveys participation, submissions
  • Market studies – “what is this position worth?”
  • Independent Contractor Evaluations
  • Data clean up and corrections