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Advertising at the Sadler Center

The Sadler Center offers a variety of ways to advertise your events, whether they're being held in our facility, elsewhere on campus, or somewhere off campus.  The following options are free to all recognized organizations and departments at W&M.

Lobby Tables

Reserving a table in the Sadler Center or Campus Center lobby allows members of your organization the chance to interact face-to-face with the campus community to provide information about your upcoming event.  Tables are reserved for up to one week per event.  Groups may store materials used for tabling with the Information Desk using provided bins for the duration of their reservation, but all items must be collected on the final day of tabling.  Excluding posters, all materials stored with the Information Desk must fit inside closed bins (bins measure approximately 13" x 11" x 11").  We cannot store perishable items.  Any money must be placed in a sealed, labeled envelope and signed in to the safe, and money can only be retrieved when professional staff is present (typically Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM).

Bulletin Boards

The Sadler Center has both reservable bulletin boards and general use boards.  The reservable boards are just inside the front entrance and can be reserved through the Information Desk for up to three consecutive days per event.  These boards are for posters measuring 36" x 24" only (no single-page flyers).

There are also two bulletin boards available for postings without reservation.  One is located on the second floor near the Information Desk and the other is located on the first floor across from the Information Desk. These boards are restricted to letter-sized flyers, and groups may post only one flyer per event on each bulletin boards. 

SUE Website

To have your event advertised on the front page of the Student Unions & Engagement website, please follow the instructions for the W&M Events page.