Electronic Delivery of Transcripts

Our office is pleased to offer electronic transcript delivery. In partnership with SCRIP-SAFE®, W&M is now able to provide official transcripts delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE™

Network Participants

Please check with the institution/organization receiving your transcript to see if they are an eSCRIP-SAFE™ network participant and "receiving institution."

OneTime™ Receivers

These are designated and identified by the student through the recipient's email address. OneTime™ receivers must complete a simple registration for each transcript delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE™.

There is no software installation for any receiver. A copy of the free Adobe Reader 7.0, or higher, must be installed on the recipients computer. The receiver has three options to retain the transcript:

  1. save to the institution's document imaging system
  2. save electronically as a PDF document
  3. print to paper
Making your request

All official transcripts must be requested in writing and the student's signature is requiredFor electronic delivery, simply follow the same steps for requesting a paper transcript, taking care to complete the portion of the form pertaining to electronic delivery.