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Virtual Desktop Service

Important! Duo two-factor authentication is now required for off-campus access to virtual desktops.

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About Virtual Desktop Service

Virtual Desktop service allows you to log into a desktop with a standard William & Mary computer image.  It's similar to logging in to a lab computer or classroom podium computer.  Network drives, Microsoft Office software, standard computer applications, and various browsers are all available through VDI. 

Using VDI

VDI can be accessed by connecting to You may be prompted to logged in twice.

Access Limitations

Virtual desktops are available at all times, but there aren't unlimited seats available. If you receive an error message about a lack of resources again in 10-15 minutes once more resources have been automatically added.

Network Drives

Your network drives will automatically be made available when you log in. Local drives such as C: are hidden since data saved there is lost when your session ends.

You can set up integration with OneDrive by clicking on the “My Files” link at the top of the Desktop window (the folder icon). The first time you setup the OneDrive integration you’ll be prompted to grant permission for Amazon to connect to OneDrive.

Requesting Software and Software Version Changes

All software change requests must go through a license review process, even if it is "freeware".  After that, we need to test the software in the virtual desktop environment to make sure it is compatible.  Finally, we have to rebuild the desktops to include the requested software.

For these reasons, we cannot honor software and software version change requests on short notice. We ask as much advance notice as possible, but at least 2 months is required. 

We will make every reasonable effort to integrate your software, but please be aware that not all software will work in the virtual desktop environment.


If you have problems logging in, verify your W&M Username and password are correct, as well as the correct domain (CAMPUS).  Also verify that you are authorized to use virtual desktops (W&M Faculty/Staff).  If you are accessing your desktop from off-campus, you must first enroll in Duo two-factor authentication at:

Another issue may be that a virtual desktop may not be available.  There is a maximum number of concurrent sessions at any given time.  If all sessions are taken, you must wait for someone to log-off before you can log-in. 

Support is available during normal business hours through the Technology Support Center.

Need help?  Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)

757-221-4357 (HELP) | | Jones 201, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm