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Charles Pritz `23

Elections & Environment


I am passionate about Elections – specifically, civic engagement and electoral advocacy. I have always been interested in the electoral process and – since high school – an advocate for voter participation among my peers. I currently work as a Voting Rights & Election Policy Fellow at Rock the Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young Americans. Since joining the team as an intern 18 months ago, I consistently demonstrate my versatility. As an intern, I produced original content for Rock the Vote’s social media channels, blog, and website. In my current role, I track civic policy across all 50 states and network with election officials and other key partners, working to improve our education, advocacy, and civic engagement programs. Outside of this employment, I worked for a gubernatorial campaign and volunteered for a presidential campaign, conducting direct voter outreach and digital organizing. NACE Career Competencies that I have mastered through these experiences include Digital Technology, Leadership, and Oral/Written Communication.


As a Research Assistant in William & Mary’s geoLab, I analyze satellite imagery to assess the environmental and community impacts of Chinese investment in Latin American copper mines. I use both my English and Spanish language skills to read news articles, webpages, and government publications, using what I learn to develop a narrative. I collaborate with other student researchers, as well as with our external partner – the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency – to complete this project. As a Sustainability Ambassador for William & Mary’s Office of Sustainability, I assessed the resources available to students interested in green careers through Cohen Career Center during the Fall 2021 semester. In a classroom setting, I follow an interdisciplinary approach to learning about environmental issues, taking coursework in fields including sociology, Hispanic studies, geology, public policy, and government.