Career Exploration

Get Engaged with your Career Options
  • For those who are still deliberating over career options, the Cohen Career Center offers a variety of ways to engage in making informed decisions for yourself through varying levels of structure.
  • If you have already determined which career options you'd like to pursue, we also provide connections through recruiting events, networking programs, mock interviews, and alumni/parent/employer panels and information sessions.
  • We encourage you to also experience career options to gain relevant skills or test out what you like and don't like about a job before committing to a decision.
  • Self-assessments can be a great place to begin your career planning process.  They assist with narrowing down and prioritizing elements of career options.
  • William & Mary students have access to Focus 2, an online, self-paced career, education, and planning tool.  Through Focus 2, you can take inventory of your work interests, skills, values, personality, and more as a way to make more informed career decisions.  Each assessment in Focus 2 provides you with a description of your results, a sample of relevant career options, and academic majors aligning with each career option.
My Active Career Exploration (MACE)
  • MACE is a six-week program, meeting for an hour a week, offered every semester to freshmen and sophomores, typically beginning after add/drop.  It is most beneficial to students looking for assistance determining or confirming career options.
  • Instructed by a member of the Cohen Career Center staff, you will complete a series of self-assessments reflecting on interests, skills, values, and environment.  Each week, you will learn a new way to gather information and research career options based on your assessment results. At the end of the program, you will create a three-semester plan, setting goals for career-related experiences in the near future.  
Registration for Spring 2019 is OPEN

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Information Session: Thursday, January 24 - 10:30am or 5:00pm - Career Center Atrium

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

  • Section 1: Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45am - February 5 - March 19 (excludes Spring Break)
  • Section 2: Tuesdays, 11:00am-12:15pm - February 5 - March 19 (excludes Spring Break)
Additional Resources
  • What Can I Do With This Major?: Though your academic major does not dictate your career options, you may wonder what options align with your academic interests.
  • LinkedIn: It's a truly great tool for all industries and is used for so much more than simply connecting with others.  It's a resourceful way to discover paths pursued by those already in a career field that interests you.  By researching job titles of relatives, friends, and alumni, you can learn more about the accomplishments they've had to get there.  Also, with more than 37,000 William & Mary alumni active on LinkedIn across all industries, all over the world, you can communicate with them directly through groups to learn about their process and get advice for developing your path.

  • Informational Interviews:  After researching online, the best way to get the most updated and personalized perspectives of a variety of career options is by conducting informational interviews, where you get to ask the questions.
  • Candid Careers: Featuring hundreds of videos, with people from all kinds of fields, Candid Careers is a great way to investigate various careers. Those who are unsure of their intended career path can learn what to expect from each, and how to prepare themselves for success.

Gain Experience
  • So you've narrowed down your chosen career options, now get out there and experience them!
  • You can try-out and gain skills in your industries of interest through academic coursework, clubs & organizations, job shadowing, part-time jobs, and internships.
  • In these experiences, be aware of your impact, take note of what skills you're developing, and know the results of the tasks you're completing.
  • Take inventory of what you like and dislike about these experiences so you can be intentional when moving forward to include more of what you like.
Tribe Careers
  • Tribe Careers is the main job, internship, and event posting site for the Cohen Career Center.  You can login using your WM username and password to access thousands of postings from employers seeking William & Mary students and alumni.  
  • Additionally, when you update your academic profile information, you can sign-up for industry specific news and updates.  Depending on your career interests indicated in your academic profile of Tribe Careers, you'll receive regularly scheduled newsletters based on the over-arching industry.
  • Sign up for mock interviews and checkout upcoming workshops, panels, employers visiting, recruiting events, and so much more.