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Student organizations may collect W&M Express funds during fundraising events.  Funds collected during approved events can be disbursed to the student organization via check or journal voucher/departmental transfer.  The process is outlined below.

If a check reimbursement is requested, a completed W&M Substitute W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number must be on file with the William & Mary’s Accounts Payable department to ensure payment and comply with state regulations.   The IRS W-9 is no longer accepted by the state of  Virginia.  

Inquiries and documentation (W-8’s and W-9’s) can be forwarded to  You may send the documents securely through Box.

  • Read the W&M Express Fundraiser Guidelines.
  • Submit an online W&M Express Equipment Rental and Acceptance Agreement no less than ten (10) days prior to the event. 
  • When completed, the W&M Express Equipment Request and Acceptance Agreement is forwarded via email to the person who completed the online form. 
    • Print the Acceptance Agreement and have it approved by the Office of Student Leadership Development or the appropriate Department. 
    • Submit the signed Acceptance Agreement to Tribe Card Services.  Tribe Card Services is located at 169 Campus Center, next to the Marketplace. 
  • Tribe Card Services will confirm equipment availability and coordinate any training and mobile equipment rentals to be used for the event.
  • Rental charges assessed will be noted on the agreement. The standard charge is a 3.5% per transaction fee.
  • All operators must be trained prior to access assignments, and  equipment checkout.  
  • Pick up/return the equipment at Tribe Card Services during the agreed dates and times. Allow 15 minutes for drop off, to review and approve the transaction reports. 
  • Tribe Card Services prepares a check request or journal voucher for the total W&M Express sales, less W&M Express fees, and forwards it to the William & Mary's Accounts Payable Department.  The payment will be processed in accordance with Accounts Payable policies and state regulations. 
    • Check reimbursements require an approved W&M Substitute W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number on file with Accounts Payable.  Checks are mailed to the address provided by the organization representative.  Please plan on 30 days for check processing.
    • For W&M departments (or student organizations with W&M indexes), funds may be transferred via Journal Voucher with prior approval.   Student Organizations may check with their Sponsor to determine if this option is available

Effective February 1, 2016