How Does It Work?


If you are a student, faculty or staff member at William & Mary, you already have an Express account. All you have to do is make a deposit at any of our physical locations or online. We accept cash and check deposits of any amount, however a minimum of $20 is required for credit card transactions.  You cannot make Express withdrawals. 

When you make a purchase with Express, your balance will show up on the cash register display window, pole display, the bottom of your receipt and on some vending display windows.  Additionally, you can check your balance online at any time.  There is no minimum balance required for Express so track it to ensure you don't get caught with insufficient funds. 

The money in your account automatically rolls over from one semester to the next but after one year of inactivity, withdrawal, or graduation, your account will be suspended.  Leaving W&M?  Submit a request (pdf) to receive a refund of your remaining balance.