Parlez-vous francais? Foreign service officers, journalists, bankers, bilingual secretaries, Peace Corps volunteers, hotel management staff, research chemists, software engineers, musicians, flight attendants, Montessori teachers, and corporate lawyers all do! French can take you anywhere!

A liberal arts education-from William & Mary, prepares you not for one job, but for any job, career, or profession. Not only that, but you will be able to make changes of career more easily than your peers without a liberal arts education.

Because W&M's basic curriculum covers the liberal arts, you get to choose your concentration based on personal taste and talent. For example, if you're a pre-medical student, you don't have to major in biology or chemistry. You can major in Anthropology, or Religious Studies, or French & Francophone Studies.

Students who major in French & Francophone Studies find that they have a lot of choice in their careers. Governmental and non-governmental agencies working in the developing world have need of French speakers. If translation interests you, there are a wide array of businesses and organizations in need of your services.

The Cohen Career Center can give you personal guidance on how to pursue a specific career. The counselors there can also help you find an internship or temporary position that uses your skills in French.

Here are some examples of careers of our majors:

Business and Law
  • Marketing Analyst for ENSCO, Inc.
  • Sales Assistant for USA Today/Gannett publishers. Product Marketing Manager for Government Technical Services, Inc.
  • Manager of Worldwide Sales Administration for the Marine Development Corporation.

Teaching French is not the only available option for those graduates interested in the field of education. Some of our majors have gone on to work in education these ways:

  • Coordinator of Continuing Education for the Organization for Ob/Gyn and Neonatal Nurses,
  • Admissions Counselor at Carleton College.
  • Assistant to the Headmaster of Southbank International School in London
  • Diagnostic/Prescriptive Teacher in the Frederick County Public School system
International Non-Profit
  • Coordinator for Youth for Understanding International Exchange.
  • Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo (West Africa)
Journalism and Publishing
  • International Radio Broadcaster for the Voice of America.
  • Editorial Assistant in publishing at the American Society of Association Executives.
Travel Industry
  • Customer Service Agent with Delta Airlines.