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Majoring in Chinese Language and Culture

The Department of Modern Languages offers a B.A. in Chinese Language and Culture. The growing importance of China in the world scene means increasing career opportunities for those who choose Chinese as a major. This Chinese Language and Culture major emphasizes strong language training and seeks to instill in students a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about Chinese culture and literature. Our undergraduate major has steadily grown with each passing year. Many of our students combine a concentration in Chinese with a major in another field such as international relations, business, government, or a science.

Details on the requirements for a major in Chinese Language and Culture are in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please click here to get helpful information about the Chinese major course distribution.

We encourage all majors in Chinese to study abroad in a Chinese-speaking location after finishing CHIN 102 or CHIN 202.

When you declare your major in Chinese Studies, you will choose a major advisor. You may ask any of the Chinese faculty to be your major advisor. This advisor will help you select, and must approve, courses to fulfill specific major requirements.

All Chinese Studies majors participate in faculty-mentored independent student research through the required Advanced Seminar (CHIN 428). Qualified students should consider writing an Honors thesis.