Majoring in Chinese Language and Culture

The growing importance of China in the world scene means increasing career opportunities in business, government, journalism, arts, and education for students who choose Chinese as a major. This Chinese Language and Culture major emphasizes strong language training and seeks to instill in students a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about Chinese culture and literature.

For a major in Chinese Language and Culture, a minimum of 30 semester credits must be distributed in the following manner:

1. Four Chinese language courses above the 202 level (12 credits):

  • CHIN 205: Intermediate Chinese Consolidated I
  • CHIN 206: Intermediate Chinese Consolidated II
  • CHIN300: Chinese Studies in China II
  • CHIN301: Upper Intermediate Chinese І
  • CHIN302: Upper Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN303: Topics in Chinese Language, Civilization or Literature (If taught in Chinese)*
  • CHIN308: Directed Readings in Chinese Literature
  • CHIN366 Introduction to Classical Chinese
  • CHIN400: Chinese Studies in China IIІ
  • CHIN401: Advanced Speaking I
  • CHIN402: Advanced Speaking II
  • CHIN403: Advanced Reading and Writing I
  • CHIN404: Advanced Reading and Writing II
  • CHIN410: Advanced Topics in Chinese Language, Civilization or Literature*
  • CHIN411: Independent Studies

2. Four Chinese literature or culture courses (12 credits):

  • CHIN100: Big Ideas in Chinese Language & Culture 
  • CHIN150: Freshman Seminar
  • CHIN220: Chinese Popular Culture
  • CHIN250: Introduction to Chinese Cultural Studies
  • CHIN280: East Asian Culture through Film
  • CHIN303: Topics in Chinese Literature, Civilization or Literature*
  • CHIN309: Survey of Chinese Literature in English
  • CHIN316: Women and Love in Chinese Literature (in English)
  • CHIN322: Twentieth Century Chinese Literature in English
  • CHIN360: Introduction to Chinese Cinema
  • CHIN386: Art of Chinese Poetry
  • CHIN410: Advanced Topics in Chinese Language, Civilization or Literature*
  • CHIN411: Independent Studies
  • CHIN495-496: Honors

3. CHIN428: Advanced seminar in Chinese language, culture or literature

(This course will satisfy the concentration writing requirement and concentration computing requirement.)

4. Three credits outside the Modern Languages Department

(Selected in consultation with major advisor)

*CHIN 303, 410 and 411 appear under requirements for both language and literature/culture. The content or the language in which the course is taught in a given semester (Chinese or English) will decide how it counts toward the major requirement.

All majors in Chinese are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Chinese-speaking location after finishing CHIN 102, CHIN 202 or 206.

Students will choose their major advisor from among the Chinese faculty when declaring their major in Chinese. The Chinese program actively supports faculty-mentored independent student research and strongly encourage majors to consider writing an honors thesis.