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Courses Offered

We offer courses in the Chinese language taught at every level for students who want to become proficient in Mandarin Chinese. If you have come to W&M with some background in Mandarin, see our placement policies to determine which language course you should take next.

We also offer courses about Chinese culture in English. Many of these courses fulfill COLL requirements, including

  • Big Ideas in Chinese Language & Culture (CHIN 100): COLL 100
  • First-Year Seminar (CHIN 150): COLL 150
    • What is China? (CHIN 150): COLL 150
  • Chinese Popular Culture (CHIN 220): COLL 200, ALV, CSI
  • Introduction to Chinese Cultural Studies (CHIN 250): COLL 200, ALV, CSI
  • East Asian Cultures Through Film (CHIN 280): COLL 200, ALV
  • Women and Love in Chinese Literature (CHIN 316): ALV
  • Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature in English (CHIN 322): COLL 200, ALV
  • Introduction to Chinese Cinema (CHIN 360): COLL 200, ALV, CSI
  • Advanced Seminar in Chinese (CHIN 428): COLL 400
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