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Schedule a Consultation

Instructions for Online Consultations
A few minutes before it is time to start your online consultation, open the appointment in the schedule ( Then click on the red "Start or join online consultation" link.

Please begin the appointment from a computer where you have access to your paper, so that you can upload it, along with a copy of the prompt or assignment. Make sure you have headphones, a good internet connection, and a quiet space. In addition, please pay close attention to the email you receive after booking your appointment on WCONLINE.

If you have difficulties joining the online consultation, cannot access reliable internet, or need any other accommodations, please email us at

Book an appointment online:
Before making your appointment, please note:
  • We offer 50-minute appointments – at no cost to students – that start at the beginning of the hour. You are not obliged to take the full 50 minutes for your consultation. It can be as long or as brief as you need it to be within that timeslot, but please be ready at the beginning of the hour.
  • Students are allowed to schedule one appointment at a time per assignment; follow-up consultations can be made after the initial meeting.
  • Students are not allowed to make initial appointments on the same day an assignment is due.
  • Be sure to bring a copy of your work so far.
  • If possible, please bring a copy of the prompt or instructions for your assignment.
  • During the final exam period, appointments are by email only and you may only schedule one appointment per assignment.  Please email to schedule your appointment during finals.
  • If you experience any technical difficulties in scheduling an online appointment, please email us.
Consultation Policies
  • We DO NOT make initial appointments for papers due on the same day as the appointment. If you have already worked on the paper with a consultant, you may make a return appointment to go over your final revisions on the day the paper is due. HWRC consultations are about improving the student as a writer, not editing individual papers. We have found that students who come in at the last minute for a quick proof of their work tend to take time away from students serious about improving their writing over the long run.
  • Generally, we will limit the number of consultations on any single assignment to three (3) per student. History Writing Center consultants may waive this restriction if they deem it necessary on an individual basis. This policy is designed to insure that as many students as possible who need help will have access to the Center.
Making the Most of Your Consultation
  • Plan ahead. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can after you receive the assignment. Don't count on finding an available consultant whenever you walk in.
  • Bring the assignment you're working on or a sample of your writing. Come with any relevant materials you have-assignment sheet from the faculty, notes, rough draft, an outline, visual aids, books, etc.
  • Take an active role in your consultation. Before you come, think over particular writing problems you encounter, and let the consultant know what concerns you most.
  • Try our Writing Process Exercise before your consultation.
What You Can Expect from the HWRC
  • Individual help with your writing difficulties-writer's block, research methods, organization, revision strategies, proper format, the passive voice, thesis statements, etc.
  • Assistance at any stage of writing, from generating ideas to polishing the final product, and with any type of history writing project, from book reviews to research papers to theses.
  • A compatible, competent consultant. All of the center's consultants are advanced history graduate students who are very familiar with all of the types of history papers assigned in the department. If you feel you could work better with another consultant, simply ask us to reassign you.
What You Should Not Expect from the HWRC
  • An editing service where you sit back and relax while we do the writing for you. We want to help you work independently.
  • A perfect paper. One session is rarely enough time to address every writing problem or issue. The real goal of a consultation is to help you become a better writer, a process which happens gradually.

Excellence in writing is hard work, but it is crucial to your success at William & Mary and in the future. We look forward to working with you.