Writing a History Paper: The Basics
     A must read for all writers of history

Writing Process Exercise
     A great tool to help you pinpoint your writing difficulties and to do before a consultation

Book or Article Review Guidelines
     How to write and organize a history review

Reading and Writing About Primary Sources
     How to use the words of the past

Interesting Intros
     How to start your history paper so readers will want to read more

Reducing Wordiness
     Suggestions for improving your prose by being your own best editor

Documentation Rules
     When you need to cite your sources, when you don't, and what you need to do it correctly

Documenting Books
     Examples on how to document all kinds of books and parts of books

Documenting Electronic Sources
     Examples on how to document digital sources, including the internet and e-mail

Documenting Periodicals and Miscellaneous Sources
     Examples on how to document articles & other materials

The Comma
     How to use one of the most common, but often misused, punctuation marks

History Exam-Taking Hints
     How to prepare, study, and do your best on history exams

Web Research
     Search the web without getting caught in an information overload