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What does “clearly sponsored” mean?

Clearly sponsored means: the courses received the sponsoring school's academic credit (not transfer credit); the course codes, titles, credits earned, and grades appear on the sponsoring school's transcript. Typically, these grades and credits are included in the sponsoring school's cumulative GPA. The courses are often administered and taught by the sponsoring school's faculty at an overseas institution.

Transfer Credits and sponsorship

Work that appears as transfer credit on the sponsoring school's transcript has NOT been completed under the clear sponsorship of the institution. It may still be referred to as the institution's exchange program, study abroad program, or consortium work. However, grades received in courses transferred from other institutions are typically not reported on the sponsoring school's transcript, nor included in the sponsoring school's GPA. They simply contribute credit towards a degree or elective requirement, assuming a grade of C or better was attained. Grades of C- and below typically do not transfer.