Prelaw Advising

COVID-19 Updates:

Many students have expressed concerns about how changes during the spring 2020 semester, particularly the option to take P/F grades in courses that typically assign letter grades, might affect their law school prospects. The Law School Admission Council, which administers the Law School Admission Test and provides the platform through which all law school applications are submitted, has provided COVID-19 updates to their website. Concerning P/F grades during the spring 2020 semester specifically, they provide the following information:

Law schools are fully aware of and understand that virtually all students enrolled during the spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic experienced significant disruption in their living and learning arrangements. Law schools are also aware that many undergraduate and graduate schools changed their grading systems to allow or require Pass/Fail grades in lieu of their traditional grading systems and will not penalize any applicant for presenting Pass/Fail grades. LSAC will place a letter in the CAS report of every applicant enrolled during spring 2020, reminding law schools of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the population and on higher education.


General Prelaw Advising Information:

As a freshman, sophomore or first-semester junior, there is nothing in particular you need to be doing to prepare for law school other than take your classes, do well and be involved in high-quality on- or off-campus activities.

In the spring semester of your junior year or fall semester of your senior year, come to a law school application workshop. These occur within the first two weeks of the start of classes each semester. The workshops cover strategies for applying to law school, putting together your application, personal statement, recommendation letters, and taking the LSAT.

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