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Charles Center staff directory

Elizabeth Harbron


Director of the Charles Center

Blow Hall 255
(757) 221-2557

Ted Maris-Wolftmwpic2022.jpg 

Associate Director of the Charles Center

Blow Hall 268
(757) 221-2632

Oversees communications, content development (web and news), strategic partnerships, internships & applied learning, and study away initiatives

Anjella Russell


Administrative & Fiscal Manager

Blow Hall 266
(757) 221-1905

Oversees departmental budget and expenditure management, financial reporting.

Maxwell Cloe 


Program Coordinator

Blow Hall 270
(757) 221-4804

Implementation and management of the Sharpe Community Scholars, the Woody Internship in Museum Studies, and the Sharp Journalism Seminar.

Monica Griffin


Director of Engaged Scholarship & The Sharpe Community Scholars Program

Blow Hall 256
(757) 221-2669

Oversees the vision and philosophy of Sharpe programming. Encourages faculty development, teaches participatory action research, develops community-based learning, cultivates engaged scholarship curriculum design, and builds community partnerships.

Judy Slack

Administrative Coordinator

Blow Hall 254C
(757) 221-2460

Administrative/fiscal support for the Charles Center and for the Center for Geospatial Analysis (CGA). Course scheduling for GIS, INTR, and Departmental Honors. Contact for Blow 201 reservations. 

Rebeca Calderon Lima


Program Coordinator

Blow Hall 238
(757) 221-2393

Administrative support for Monroe Scholars, WMSURE Program, and undergraduate research programming. Supervises Research Ambassadors.

Kate Patterson

Undergraduate Research Program Administrator

Blow Hall 267
(757) 221-4802

Oversees the Monroe Scholars Program; Charles Center summer & semester research grants; Charles Center Student IRB.

Kim Van Deusen


Associate Director 1693 Scholars Program

Murray House
(757) 221-1482