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Alumni Updates: 1950s


Below are archived updates for Art & Art History alumni graduating between 1950 and 1959. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for updates received this year.

Mary Curro, ’57 (Studio Art) Molly writes: Well, like Molly Brown, "I ain't down yet!" And am still learning and loving it....have been dipping my toes into Sumi e Chinese brush painting. I was thrilled to receive an Honorable Mention ribbon for my first Sumi e submission at the Norfolk Senior Center's Spring Art Show...a really encouraging surprise. My memories of our tiny art department in those good old days are so dear, and it is a pleasure to see how it has beautifully expanded now. Good work! (Oct 2017)

Mary Curro ’57 (Fine Arts) Mary writes: It was great fun to once again have paintings exhibited in the Norfolk Senior Center Art Show in June. I was in the company of some of the most talented artists in the Tidewater area...all over the age of 55. We're still creating! I thank William and Mary art Department and Theater too for some of the best learning and inspiration possible! (October 2015)

Mary Curro '57 (B.A. Fine Arts) writes: "Well, in the late autumn of my life, I have been enjoying continued publication in each issue of Skipping Stones, a poetry anthology published here in Hampton Roads, and getting back, finally, to doing art, some of which is on display at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth. I belong to art group, the Sacred Art Circle, which has a show early every November at the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach. In addition, I continue with as much of my hypnosis practice as I can, as well as an occasional acting job. Carpe Diem!" (2010)

Emma Lou Martin '59(B.A. Fine Arts) writes: "I will be showing at the Holly Point Festival near Fishing Bay, Middlesex Co., VA, Sat., Oct. 9th, 10:00-4:00. My paintings will be a new watercolor series, "Gifts from the Sea" which have been at the Science Museum of VA (Richmond) since July 1. Hope to see you there!" (2010)

Jim Pittman, ’58 (Art History) Jim writes: I am an artist working in acrylic on canvas. I do minimal landscapes inspired by the southwest. I show in Boulder CO, Charleston, SC and Santa Fe, NM . I have studios on CO and VA.
My website is (Oct 2017)