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1693 Scholar Research

All 1693 Scholars can receive $5,000 in funding to conduct an in-depth research project. Most 1693 Scholars conduct their research projects the summer before their junior or senior years. The results of the research will vary. Many finish with a research paper, but that might not be the best product for everyone. For example, if doing a creative project, scholars might end with a painting, sculpture or novella. Scholars working in labs might have their lab results as their final products and may present their findings at a conference. 

In order to qualify for the $5,000 in funding, 1693 Scholars need to: 

  • Submit and receive approval of their research project from the director of the 1693 Scholars Program
  • Submit the product of their project to the director of the 1693 Scholars Program at the end of their research
  • Present their work at W&M’s Undergraduate Research Month in April