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How does William & Mary define a transfer student?

A transfer student is anyone who wishes to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at William & Mary and has attended another college or university after graduating from high school. If you have earned only advanced placement credit or college credit while attending high school, you are not considered a transfer student.

If I already have a bachelor's degree, can I earn a second bachelor's degree from William & Mary?     

No. University policy prohibits the awarding of a second baccalaureate degree.

When are your application deadlines for transfers?

October 1 is the deadline to submit the Common Application for Transfer for spring 2023 admission.

March 1 is the final deadline to submit the Common Application for Transfer for fall 2022 admission.

When are transfer applicants notified of admission decisions?

If you apply for the Fall semester, decisions will be emailed by May 1. If you apply for the Spring semester, decision letters will be sent around mid-November.

How many students apply to William & Mary as transfer students?

The number varies each year; however, we usually receive around 970 transfer applications for Fall and 250 transfer applications for Spring. William and Mary enrolls approximately 200 transfer students for the Fall and 70 transfer students for the Spring.

Does William & Mary accept the Common Application?

Yes. The only way to apply to William & Mary is with the Transfer Common Application. Supplemental materials are also required within three weeks of the application deadline, such as the official high school transcript, official college transcripts, College Report from the most recent institution, and if currently enrolled, the Mid-Term Report.

How do I add your institution on the Common Application for Transfer?

When adding our program to the Common App, please search for "William & Mary" (with the ampersand symbol) to find and select the correct institution. Please note that if you see Richard Bland College in the results, they are a separate program.

Do you require a high school transcript or test scores?

Yes, a high school transcript is required to apply as a transfer student. If you have a GED, you will need to send the certificate, however you will also need to submit a high school transcript. Your GED/transcript is required within three weeks of the application deadline.

Do you have a minimum GPA requirement?

The admission committee prefers to see academic achievement at the 3.5 level or higher, but considers other factors such as strength of curriculum and number of credit hours. If a course has been repeated for a grade, both the original grade and the grade earned in the repeated course will be reviewed.

How do you determine a student's GPA if he or she has attended more than one college or university?

The admission committee will review each individual cumulative GPA from each institution attended.  The admission committee will look at factors such as dates of attendance and grade trends when reviewing multiple college transcripts.  

What type of college classes are you looking for from your applicants?

General education requirements (math, natural sciences, social sciences, history, English, languages, etc.) offered at your current school are the most helpful for us to review and are more likely to be transferable. The admission committee looks for a well-rounded curriculum to ensure a student's success in William & Mary's liberal studies environment. The admission committee also looks closely at the strength of the curriculum. For example, we would rather see a Calculus  or Statistics level math class than Algebra, Math for Liberal Studies, Contemporary Math or Arithmetic. In relation to the sciences, we would rather see Biology with lab, Chemistry with lab or Physics with lab, as opposed to Science for Liberal Studies (no lab) or Physics in our World Today (no lab).

When will my credits be evaluated from my transcripts and who will evaluate the credits?

The Office of the Registrar will complete transfer credit evaluations after a student is admitted to the College. We do not evaluate transfer credits before a student is admitted. Most credit evaluations will be completed after students submit an enrollment deposit.  Study Abroad coursework will be evaluated through the Global Education Office located in the Reves Center for International Studies.

Can I apply to be part-time student?

Transfer and Freshman applicants may be eligible for admission as FlexTrack students if they live in the Williamsburg area, meet the usual admission standards of the university and can show compelling reasons why full-time status is not feasible. A part-time degree student must earn a minimum of 12 hours each year (two semesters and a summer term) and is limited to 10 credit hours the first semester at the College. More information on Flexible Degree Track status.

Is there a limit to the number of credits that can be transferred?

While there is no limit to the number of courses that may be transferred, William & Mary requires that at least 60 semester credits, including a minimum of 15 credits in the concentration, be earned in residence at the university in Williamsburg.

Are the Mid-Term and/or College Reports Required?

The Mid-term Report is required for currently enrolled students. The midterm report should capture your estimated overall grade. It can be uploaded to your application portal or sent to Students also have the option to upload a screenshot of their estimated grade standing from their online learning portal, such as Blackboard or Canvas.

The College Report is also required from your current or most recent institution and should be completed by a college official at your institution who has access to your academic and disciplinary record.

Both the College Report & Mid-Term Report are due by March 28 for Fall transfer applications, and by October 28 for Spring transfer applications.

Is a letter of recommendation required from a professor?

Although not required for completion of your file, we encourage you have a professor write a letter on your behalf.

If I am admitted as a transfer student, am I automatically admitted into my major?

Students do not transfer with a major; it must be officially declared through the Office of the University Registrar. The School of Business and the School of Education have their own application process.

Mason School of Business
Macie Osborn
Coordinator for Undergraduate Business Programs

School of Education
Elizabeth Cavallari
Recruitment and Admissions Manager
Is housing required for transfer students?

Housing is not required for transfer students who transfer as social class juniors or seniors. Transfer students who transfer as social class freshmen or sophomores are required to live on campus. Questions regarding housing policies or exemptions can contact In general, students not required to live on campus but who wish to apply for on-campus living historically have secured housing offers.

As a veteran, what do I need to know about applying or becoming a student at William & Mary?

William & Mary is pleased to waive the application fee for anyone who has served honorably in the armed forces of the United States. Please select Other Fee Waiver Request at the time of payment. The Student Veterans of William & Mary is a good resource providing information about admission, financial aid, housing and more. As questions arise about using your VA benefits, contact the Office of the University Registrar.