Please sign up for the Direct Deposit of your Refund in eServices!

  • Sign in to eServices through Banner self-serve and choose the 'eRefund' option at the top of the screen to provide your bank information
  • Complete this online form to request a refund of your W&M Student Account credit balance
  • Please read below for more information on the W&M refund process
 Student Account Refund Process

The Financial Aid Office will disburse funds to your student account on the first day of class if all requirements for receiving these funds have been met (see the Financial Aid website for more information).

If a credit balance of more than $5.00 exists on your student account and is the result of federal loans or grants you are automatically refunded following federal guidelines (within 2 weeks after fund disbursement).

Refunds produced from Parent Plus Loans are refunded to the parent unless the parent designates the student as the recipient during the loan application process. Parent Plus loan refunds are mailed to the parent's address listed on the loan application.

Please be prepared to cover any non-WM costs for housing, meals and other personal expenses until the refund is available.

If an overpayment shows on a student's account of more than $5.00, and it is not created by federal financial aid, the student is required to request a refund from the Office of the Bursar. If a request is not filed, the overpayment will remain on the student's account as a credit for the next semester or to offset miscellaneous charges, i.e. printing 

Refunds for overpayments are issued as:

  1. Direct deposit to your bank account if you have signed up for eRefund via eServices
  2. A paper check mailed in the following address priority:
    • CSU or GSH Box
    • Local Address
    • Permanent Mailing Address

Paper checks are issued to the most current address in Banner.  Please complete a refund request form for any temporary address changes.  It is the responsibility of the student to update their local and permanent mailing address by logging into Banner self service.

W&M Express Transfers

The Bursar's Office will process W&M Express Card transfer requests for book purchases at the W&M Barnes and Noble Bookstore beginning  the Friday prior to the first day of class for those students who are showing an expected credit on their student account from financial aid resources.

Refunds for Dropped Classes and/or Reduced Course Load

Depending on your course load and the date you drop a course, you may or may not be entitled to a reduction in tuition and fees. If you are planning to withdraw or reduce your course load, please contact our office for refund information at (757) 221-1220 or [[bursar]].

Students withdrawing from all classes or below half-time and whose financial aid has not been confirmed will be responsible for all charges still owed to The College. Financial Aid may not be disbursed if the student is no longer enrolled. Check with the Financial Aid Office at (757) 221-2420 before withdrawing from all classes or below half-time.

Federal Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid regulations require the student to give the university permission to pay miscellaneous charges (i.e. student health charges, library fines, parking fines, etc.) or prior term charges owed by the student from current term Title IV federal funds. The Federal Financial Aid Release form must be submitted to allow our office to apply aid to these charges. Failure to submit this form to the Bursar's Office may result in a restrictive hold on the student's account if these charges are past due. Download the FFA Release Form (pdf).

Refund Replacement Checks

A stop payment and reissue request form must be submitted to the Bursar's office to initiate the replacement of a refund check. Requests for replacement refund checks will not be processed until 14 calendar days after the date the check was issued. All replacement checks will be mailed to the student's CSU box, GSH box, or the local mailing address. Download the Stop Payment Request form.