Financial Aid

College administered Loans, Grants and Scholarships

The student's eBill will reflect all College-administered financial aid awards for the billed semester. The College will list offered and/or accepted Direct, PLUS, Perkins and Private loans as 'Authorized Financial Aid' .  The loan amount showing on the eBill is the approximate disbursement  amount that the College will receive for the semester from the lending source. In the event that a PLUS loan is denied by the lender or any of the loans are not accepted by the borrower, the authorized aid amount will be removed from the account and the student will be responsible for paying all outstanding charges.

Please direct any questions concerning your College administered financial aid to the Financial Aid Office at (757) 221-2420 or email at [[finaid]].

Private off-campus scholarships

Scholarships administered by organizations outside the College of W&M will be reflected on the student's eBill as:

  • a student account payment if the College receives the scholarship check prior to the date of the eBill statement.
  • a pending memo item if the Student Accounts Office has received official documentation from the scholarship organization.   The scholarship award amount will reduce the semester charges.

If for any reason the scholarship funds are never received by the College, the student will be responsible for paying the balance owed.

College Work Study

Work study awards have not been deducted from the bill as they represent potential job opportunities for a student and are not intended to be used for the payment of tuition.

Any balance not covered by financial aid must be paid in full by the due date on your billing statement. Unpaid balances will result in late fees, registration holds and holds on your transcripts.