Three-Year Schedule

The key elements of the proposed plan are survey, interpretation, protection, and coordination. This is not to say one element must be fully accomplished before another is begun. On the contrary, each may be undertaken concurrently and incrementally, but with adjustment along the way to improve the ultimate outcome. With these concepts in mind, recommendations are made for two years of archaeological study beginning in the summer of 2003. By 2005 any plans to contribute to the 2007 observance should be drafted and under implementation.

Year 1: 2003
  • Survey: Continue identification of sites on city-owned property but also selected, accessible, privately-owned tracts. Recommendations include the wastewater treatment facility property near Bailey's Creek, likely sites of the earliest colonial settlement at City Point, and potential sites of African-American churches and schools.
  • Public Excavation: Carry out a publicly accessible excavation ("exhibit dig"), and survey, at Weston Manor. Plans can be made to interpret the work to the public, and perhaps to include interested volunteers including local school children.
  • Dissemination: Expand web site, coordinate media coverage, prepare annual technical report, and finalize plans for a standing or traveling exhibit. Also consider a video documentary project.
  • Schedule: Fieldwork July – September; Report and exhibit preparation October – May.
Year 2: 2004
  • Survey: Continue search for sites in high potential areas not surveyed in 2003. One recommendation for this year's focus is the Broadway Landing area which was emphasized at the recent town hall meeting.
  • Public Excavation: Conduct "fieldschool"-type excavation at an early colonial site. May include tuition-paying participants.
  • Dissemination: Same as previous year but also work toward more ambitious, permanent exhibits.
  • Schedule: To be determined.
Year 3: 2005
  • 2007 Event Preparation