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Recollections of Mill Families

Collins family of Schoolfield (from Thompson 1984:20-21)The use of oral history for this project, aside from what exists in local historical collections, was not originally part of the research design. However, an opportunity arose during the course of research to integrate this type of potentially valuable information into the project results. The inquiry was initiated by Danville resident Mr. Raymond Hayes, owner of the lots where the two archaeological sites are situated and once a “Schoolfield kid” himself. Mr. Hayes obtained a list of research questions from the project archaeologist to distribute among Schoolfield Historical Society (SHS) members. Mr. Hayes published the research questions in the SHS newsletter under the title “Survey Requested: Childhood Recollections of Growing Up in Schoolfield.” Although the information obtained does not pertain specifically to the sites in question, and dates slightly later than the period of focus in our study, it makes a valuable contribution toward understanding the many facets of mill life in Danville during the twentieth century. We present here a response by Linda Kirby Newman, who lived in Schoolfield during the 1940s—1950s.