Policies & Issues Committee


Chair: Gloria McIntyre

Vice Chair: Lynne Fors

Members: Abbey Childs, Christina Luers, Arielle Newby, Gloria McIntyre.

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Serves as a liaison between the Staff Assembly and the President, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Office of Human Resources, other university administrators, and the Faculty/Professionals and Professional Faculty/Student Assemblies on staff-related matters.
  2. Serves as a resource to staff in obtaining information on matters of staff concern.
  3. Serves as a link in obtaining information from the Virginia Governmental Employees Association.
  4. Brings to the Staff Assembly’s attention changes in policies and procedures that may affect the staff and advises the Staff Assembly on these issues. This includes monitoring the actions of the Board of Visitors and any university committees that may deal with issues of staff concern.