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When it became apparent that the W&M Compliance and Protocol Management System and the two Sponsored Programs Databases supporting the Williamsburg and VIMS Campuses were reaching end-of-life, W&M decided to purchase an electronic research administration (ERA) software that would provide all-inclusive management in a single system.

After a comprehensive review of the ERA systems available, W&M entered into an agreement with Cayuse in December 2021. Cayuse is a well-established ERA software provider and is currently the market leader in higher education in North America. Their highly configurable, cloud-based solution provides enhanced user experiences and many opportunities for improved efficiency.

Integrated Research Administration

The SPARCS/Cayuse system can interface with other existing campus systems and integrate the following research administration functions.

  • Protocol and Compliance management
    • Institutional Animal Care and use Committee IACUC
    • Institutional Biosafety Committee IBC
    • Protection of Human Subjects Committee PHSC
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Proposal preparation and submission
  • Sponsored Projects Award management
  • Sponsored Projects Fund management
  • Effort Certification
About the Project & Software

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