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Finance FAQ

How do we change names on our privately owned, non-University, checking account?

When you elect new officers, you will need to change names on the checking account with the local bank. To do this, all you need to do is get a letter signed by Linda Knight, Executive Director of Health & Wellness and Director of Campus Recreation. Once you bring this letter to the bank, you will typically need to return from the bank with a document verifying the change. The new signers of the account, as well as the Director of Campus Recreation (Linda Knight) will need to sign this document before it is returned to the bank.

How does the budget process work?

Each recognized sport club is eligible to receive funding from the Campus Recreation Department. Your club budget allocation is for the entire academic year, not per semester. We hold budget hearings in April to determine budgetary allocation for the next academic year. The allocation is based upon a number of factors, including demonstrated need, club activity (how active you are), self-generated funds and compliance with administrative guidelines set forth by Campus Recreation.  

Additionally, the Sport Club Tier System will help determind which tier you fall into when requesting funding.  

If we purchase equipment with our recreation center budget allocation, can we keep it for ourselves?

No. Goods procured by William & Mary are state property. Any equipment purchased for the club through the Campus Recreation Budget must be inventoried and returned to the Campus Recreation Center at the end of each academic year. We will put the equipment in storage, and sign it back to your club when the school year starts back up again in the fall.

Do we need to return equipment to the Campus Recreation Center if we purchase it using our club checking account?

It is not necessary for you to turn in equipment secured through your club checking account, since that all comes from self-generated funds. However, many clubs return this equipment at the end of the year anyway, since it serves to benefit the club in the future.

How does my club plan a fundraiser?

Gifts must be directed to, whether by online donation or cash/check. Sport Clubs have had great success in the past with fundraisers, ranging from bakes sales to clinics for community members. If your club wants any help or advice on fundraising, please contact the Sport Club Office.