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Employee Appreciation

William & Mary appreciates and respects our employees with a variety of programs. We hope that you will participate and celebrate our campus traditions.

Faculty and Staff Convocation recognizes William & Mary employees each year.Faculty and Staff Convocation

Annually since July 2020,  President Rowe has invited William & Mary employees to join all colleagues for a Convocation recognizing faculty and staff. Held on the Wren Yard, we honor the efforts of the past year and mark the next step in our return to campus with music, food and celebration. Everyone has the opportunity to ring the Wren Bell. We also recognize recipients of the Duke Award, the Values in Action Awards, Staff Appreciation Service Award milestones and the Aceto Award during a short ceremony.

The Charles and Virginia Duke Award

The purpose of the Duke Award is to provide recognition and financial reward for individual accomplishment and exemplary service to William & Mary. All non-student, non-instructional faculty employees of the university, or one of the contractors providing auxiliary services to the university, are eligible for consideration. Submit a nomination or view past Duke Award recipients.

Values in Action

The goal of the Value in Action program is to recognize staff and faculty whose exceptional service exemplifies William & Mary's stated values: Belonging, Curiosity, Excellence, Flourishing, Integrity, Respect and Service. All non-student employees of the university or contractors providing auxiliary services to the university are eligible for nomination. In November 2019, the university affirmed its first-ever statement of values. These values are both reflective of and aspirational for the community. 

Values in Action award recipient, Officer Isaiah Johnson.The Values in Action Award honors William & Mary staff and faculty whose efforts exemplify our values. The award is accompanied by a $2,500 cash prize for each recipient. At least two Values in Action awards will be given each semester to faculty and staff through spring 2023, reflecting an ongoing annual commitment by the donors.

Nominations will be submitted using the online submission form. In the Spring of 2023, William & Mary will recognize the exceptional work of faculty and staff with two Values in Action awards. 

Staff Appreciation Service Awards

The Staff Appreciation Service Awards is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of professional, classified and operational employees reaching milestones in their years of service. This annual event is an opportunity to recognize their accomplishments and dedication to William & Mary along with other award recipients.

 2021 Service Award Recipients - Recognized at the Faculty/Staff Convocation in July 2022
Years of Service
50 Years of Service
  • Alan F. Albert
40 Years of Service
  • William D. Copan
35 Years of Service
  • Linda L. Hicks
  • Carla R. King-Johnson
  • Shelfer D. Peace
  • Wendy D. Urbano
30 Years of Service
  • Virginia M. Ambler
  • Amy C. Banks
  • Dorothy A. Brown
  • Jay W. Colley
  • Deborah L. Davenport
  • Helene A. Hale
  • Ronnie L. Hasty
  • Donald G. Hensley
  • Jeffrey S. Herrick
  • Sherry B. Joyner
  • Rebecca N. Marcus
  • Sean D. Pada
  • Manickam Ramasamy
  • Kathleen D. Smith
  • Joseph L. Washington
  • Darlene O. White
25 Years of Service
  • Blanche A. Brooks
  • Sandra J. Brooks
  • Sharon R. Brown
  • Felicia A. Burton
  • Katherine H. Davis Small
  • Ellen F. Dean
  • Edward E. Elmore
  • Karen L. Gillingham
  • Wandalyn F. Glover
  • Thomas F. Higgins
  • Peggy S. Lukas
  • Patricia P. O'Neill
  • Benjamin L. Owen
  • Kari-Lise Slettemoen
  • Ardette R. Smith
  • Sherree T. Walker
20 Years of Service
  • Willard A. Bauserman
  • Karla D. Beckman
  • Michael Blum
  • Amber L. Brown
  • Beverly A. Brown
  • Lila L. Brown
  • Cindy J. Carroll
  • Robert E. Chretien
  • Suzanne C. Clavet
  • Rossie C. Coleman
  • Frederick W. Dingledy
  • Diane F. Dye
  • Hashim K. Eleonora
  • Kenitha R. Futrell
  • Martha Howard
  • Deborah M. Howe
  • Richard J. Jolly
  • John S. Kane
  • Jennifer C. Meier
  • Christopher M. Norris
  • Meriann W. Reid
  • Denise R. Ridley-Johnston
  • Daniel R. Salvitti
  • Ute Schechter
  • John T. Thorpe
  • Eric J. Walter
  • Jaime P. Welch-Donahue
  • Harvey C. Williams
  • Sonya C. Worden 
15 Years of Service
  • Roxane O. Adler Hickey
  • Amanda J. Beasley
  • Lynnette B. Bolden
  • Beth H. Chambers
  • Daniel W. Clouser
  • Peter P. Cruz
  • Donna M. DeGrace
  • Amy L. Detwiler
  • Destiny D. Elliott
  • Zella M. Green
  • Deborah A. Grosser
  • Pamela R. Hawkes
  • Sharon L. Hiner
  • James E. Holmes
  • William Horacio
  • Patrick S. Hudgins
  • Anne T. Johnson
  • Elizabeth J. Kiewiet
  • Christopher D. Lee
  • Joyce P. Matthews
  • Sharon A. Mikanowicz
  • Melissa K. Palacios
  • Ronald A. Russell
  • Miriam C. Saguto
  • Stephen Salpukas
  • Joshua G. Sanchez
  • Kristopher A. Sears
  • Steven M. Sikes
  • Vivian M. Stull
  • Robert R. Turner
  • Peter J. Van Bergen
  • Janice A. Whiting
  • Mark C. Windley
  • Gina C. Woodward
  • Erin Zagursky 
10 Years of Service
  • Mayra L. Ayala
  • Kathryn M. Baldwin
  • Delrosas B. Banks
  • Michael D. Bartolotta
  • John C. Bjers
  • Annissia S. Bryant
  • Laurie A. Ciccone
  • Carrie L. Cooper
  • Jennie A. Davy
  • Molly L. DeStafney
  • Nina Earl
  • Rodney L. Franks
  • Daniel H. Frezza
  • Eric M. Garrison
  • Stephen E. Hanson
  • Andrea M. Harris
  • Cindy R. Hart
  • Dale H. Hayes
  • Karen P. Hogue
  • Charles L. Jackson
  • Robert E. Jones
  • Robert H. Jordan
  • Daneene M. Kelley
  • James M. Kennedy
  • April D. Lawrence
  • Mary B. Lueker
  • Kelly L. Metcalf-Meese
  • Shirley R. Mitchell
  • William A. Moore
  • Margaret J. Morrison
  • Patricia R. Murphy
  • Delora A. Nixon
  • Martha C. Orr
  • Gregory D. Outten
  • Marie L. Pitts
  • Joy R. Robertson
  • Towana M. Robinson
  • Marcyanna O. Rosa Borges
  • Matthew A. Rouette
  • Kathrin L. Shinn
  • Claudia Smith
  • William S. Stewart
  • Simonne M. Vance
  • Robert D. Waggoner
  • Johnny A. Wallace
  • Timothy A. Wolfe 
5 Years of Service
  • Emily J. Avesian
  • Jessica H. Bacon
  • Elizabeth M. Bellamy
  • Kevin E. Bartlett
  • Erin E. Battle
  • Cenie J. Bellamy
  • Brenda H. Borden
  • Heather A. Bowers Bouchard
  • Angela J. Boykins
  • LaShauna M. Britt
  • Kelsey H. Brumfield
  • Meghan H. Bryant
  • Mary Bull
  • Kendra N. Burns
  • Michael L. Caboy
  • Erica M. Carter
  • Elizabeth M. Cascone
  • Christopher J. Chelluck
  • Donna Coggins
  • Amy C. Colley
  • Michael A. Comeaux
  • Margaret Conrad
  • Edwin A. Cowell
  • John W. Custer
  • Justin C. Dalton
  • Miriam DaSilva
  • John A. Dixon
  • Joseph Dobrota
  • Michael P. Dyer
  • Virginia B. Eacho
  • Virginia W. Early
  • Aimee S. Fitzgerald
  • Laura Fogarty
  • Tracie L. Gilchrist
  • Andrew Gilstrap
  • Sarah G. Glosson
  • Yvonne B. Griffiths-Jones
  • John L. Grober
  • Anthony D. Guzzo
  • Clay D. Hamilton
  • Nataki A. Hill
  • Eric N. Hopkins
  • Farley Hunter
  • Dwight L. Ivy
  • Lori L. Jacobson
  • Michael G. Kammer
  • Jayasurya Kanukurthy
  • Ashley R. Kee
  • John N. Kellogg
  • Henry T. Kozek
  • Brook Lautenslager
  • Alyson P. Lee
  • Robert H. Lester
  • Shelley B. Littleton
  • Daria V. Lorio-Barsten
  • Lindsey Love
  • Colleen J. Lynch
  • Michael W. Mackenroth
  • Bryan D. Mastricola
  • Kathleen E. Mazzitti
  • Jeanette L. Meekins
  • Angel R. Mori
  • Catherine A. Mountjoy
  • Anna L. Mroch
  • Alex Murray
  • Macie E. Osborn Chavers
  • Shene V. Owens
  • Alexandra G. Pappas
  • Sarina M. Patterson
  • Michael A. Powell
  • Wayne M. Pryor
  • Bojana Radden
  • Deborah M. Ratliff
  • Faith M. Ray
  • Wilmarie Rodriguez
  • Patricia S. Roy
  • Brooke A. Russell
  • Anna M. Sease
  • Amy Sebring
  • Kristen Smalley
  • Karyn A. Tancredi
  • Mary A. Trivette
  • Althea B. Tyler
  • Tina Vadas
  • Kristy K. Walker
  • Michael S. White
  • Stephanie J. Wilmes
  • Carolyn A. Wilson
  • Kathryn Wise
  • Adam Witkowski
  • Barbara L. Young
The university celebrates its faculty & staff with a host of awards and events throughout the year.The Shirley Aceto Award

The Shirley Aceto Award was established to be given annually to a member of the instructional or professional faculty who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to excellence in service to the campus community. Ms. Aceto retired in 2010 after serving William & Mary for more than 39 years in the Office of the Provost. A highly regarded member of the professional faculty, she was a consistent example of exemplary service and untiring devotion to and promotion of the university, its faculty, staff and students.

Annually, one award in the amount of $1,000 will be given to a member of the instructional or professional faculty who best exemplifies the qualities noted in the selection criteria. The Provost will solicit nominations from the deans and vice presidents. Nominees must exemplify the high standards of excellent service to the university personified by Shirley Aceto.

Successful nominees will possess or exemplify:

  • Commitment to the core values of William & Mary
  • Proven leadership capabilities in working with students, faculty and/or staff
  • A record of outstanding individual service to the university