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Student Snapshots

Meet some of the W&M students who have studied abroad

Meet some W&M students who have studied abroad.


Dena Bashri (Kinesiology - Public Health Concentration; Math & Arabic minors)

Programs: SIT Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action in Amman, Jordan and Geneva, Switzerland; W&M Winter – Rock, Music, Oman. Favorite Travel Location: Muscat, Oman. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Visit Iceland. Click on this space to read an article about her life since graduation...


Justin Oh (International Relations/Economics)

Program: South Korea. Favorite Travel Location: Boracay, Philippines. Fun Fact: I have eaten a fried spider before. It was crunchy. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Backpack Europe


Betty Haile (Biology Major)

Programs: CIEE Liberal Arts in Ferrara, Italy; W&M Summer in Florence, Italy. Favorite Travel Location: Cinque Terre, Italy. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Live in a country that I’ve never been to!


Ryan Huck (Public Policy & Latin American Studies)

Program: W&M Semester in La Plata, Argentina. Favorite Travel Location: Mendoza, Argentina. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Run a marathon.


Anna Michels (Business Analytics - Data Science & Psychology)

Program: DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark. Favorite Travel Location: Hallstatt, Austria. #1 Thing on Bucket List: See the Northern Lights!


Daniel Tay (Economics Major, Psychology Minor)

Program: Akita, Japan. Favorite Travel Location: Phuket, Thailand. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Experience the cuisine of every country in the world!


Marina Schlosser (Government)

Programs: SIT/IHP Cities in the 21st Century in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Barcelona, Spain; Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. Favorite Travel Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Fun Fact: On my last day in South Africa, I had a stare down with a baboon that was trying to steal my food. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Travel to Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica so I can complete the 7 continents.


Hannah Kwawu (Psychology and Marketing)

Program: Copenhagen, Denmark. Favorite Travel Location: Budapest. Fun Fact: I once won a traditional yarn spinning competition in Peru!! #1 Thing on Bucket List: Learn a third language


Lindsay Dahlgren (International Relations and Environmental Science & Policy)

Programs: Adelaide, Australia & Lille, France. Favorite Travel Location: New Zealand South Island. #1 Thing on Bucket List: Backpacking through South America

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