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Summer 2021 Harriman Fellows

Davit Antonyan, 2021 Harriman Fellow in the U.S. Embassy in London

Davit Antonyan is a rising junior at Harvard University studying Government with a language citation inDavit Antonyan Spanish. His interests span a broad range of domestic and international political phenomena, spurred by his background as an immigrant to the US from Armenia. He was motivated to study politics and government from a young age because of his transition from a post-Soviet state located in the Middle East to the democratic bastion of the United States. Davit pursued these interests in foreign affairs throughout high school, helping found a program at the Armenian Consulate General in Los Angeles for high school students like himself interested in pursuing a career in foreign relations.  

At Harvard, Davit carried these interests and applied them through a more focused domestic lens by pursuing a public policy track in the government department. His academic studies included an intimate study of the American health care system, culminating in a final paper analyzing the emergence of artificial intelligence in medicine. Furthermore, he studied organized crime across different international environments, and spent a semester learning about how different forms of government emerged across different global contexts over time. 

In his extracurricular commitments, Davit applied his interests in government broadly. In his time at Harvard, he served as a reporter for the school newspaper the Harvard Crimson. In that capacity, he covered labor and unionization at campus, gaining an intimate knowledge of labor law and worker protections in American policy. In the summer between his freshman and sophomore year, Davit served as an intern with various small business alliances across the United States, helping promote policies and programs aimed at establishing resilient local economies nationwide. In the same summer, he also volunteered with Alan Khazei’s congressional campaign, helping push a more international and progressive agenda into the race. Furthermore, as part of the on-campus consulting group, Davit worked his way up to an associate director of engagement, helping recruit clients for the group to work with across both private and public spheres to enhance the learning experience of more than 100 members in the organization. 

Davit believes that foreign affairs is not just a career but a way of understanding the world. Despite his uncertainty in career path after college, his unique international lens of global issues — shaped by his background as an immigrant — provides him with the motivation to tackle strategic challenges, both big and small, which he hopes to carry through with him at the US Embassy in London as he seeks to understand and promote the unique economic bonds inherent in the “special relationship.” He felt immensely honored to be chosen as a Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellow and resonates with Ambassador Harriman’s lifelong pursuit of foreign affairs and growth of the field beyond just a niche career to a more accessible and inclusive world view.  

Elena Frogameni, 2021 Harriman Fellow in the U.S. Embassy in Paris

Elena Frogameni is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Politics and French. Elena has aElena Frogameni particular interest in the intersections of language, politics, and peacebuilding, a topic she will explore in an upcoming senior thesis.  

Elena first cultivated her interest in public service through a high school internship with Congressman Jim McGovern. It was through this experience that she observed the power and importance of government work in its potential to make tangible, long-lasting impacts on local communities. Throughout college, Elena has held internships straddling the worlds of politics and government, including at the Massachusetts Democratic Party in the Joe Moakley Internship Program.

Through coursework as a part of Mount Holyoke College’s Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Nexus Program, as well as previous internships focusing on journalism, Elena has come to understand the particular importance of communication and access to information in the pursuit of diplomacy and political change. This summer, Elena is looking forward to further developing this interest in media and its role in public diplomacy through work with Africa Regional Services at the U.S. Embassy Paris.

At Mount Holyoke, Elena serves as the President of the College Democrats and on the board of the Pre-Law Association. Additionally, she works for the college’s Office of Communications and serves as a Research Assistant in the International Relations Department.  

Elena is honored to be a recipient of the Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship, and has been inspired by the ways in which Ambassador Harriman used both her language skills and decades of political organizing experience to carry out the important work of the United States Government. In the future, Elena hopes to follow Ambassador Harriman’s example of a life committed to public service.

Paige Groome '22, 2021 Harriman Fellow in the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C.
Paige Groome is a rising senior at William & Mary majoring in Government with a keen focus on howPaige Groome government and international politics are interconnected. Her interest in international studies piqued after she was selected to participate in the 2020 William & Mary D.C. seminar that explored U.S. grand strategy in the 21st century. Over the course of the seminar, Paige participated in roundtable presentations from several international security departments, including the Pentagon, the National Counterterrorism Center and the State Department.

Interested in the international impact of how governments were handling COVID-19, Paige spent the summer of 2020 working virtually for CoronaNet, a global research group created to track and code governmental policy responses to COVID-19. Paige was responsible for monitoring Norway’s COVID-19 health policy; her time spent studying Norwegian governing structure and culture developed her interest in Scandinavian politics. This interest led her to accepting an internship offer with the U.S. Embassy in Oslo’s Political-Economic department for the summer of 2021. While the Oslo internship was canceled due to COVID-19, Paige was offered a stateside virtual internship with the State Department’s Global Engagement Center’s Technology Engagement Team where she analyzed foreign disinformation and propaganda against the United States.

Paige is also in the process of developing an independent Honors thesis that studies the effect of Presidential rhetoric on the United States’ reputation. Through analyzing foreign survey results, Paige looks to understand how international reputation within the transparent nature of the liberal order has the potential to impact future U.S. alliance formation.

Paige is truly honored to be selected as a 2021 Harriman Fellow. Her desire for a career of public service within the State Department stems from a genuine interest in communication strategies and the intersection of U.S. domestic policy with international relations.
Bennett Hawley '23, 2021 Harriman World Fellow on the Economics Desk at the U.S. Embassy in London
Bennett is a rising junior in the International Honors Joint Degree Programme between the University of StBennett Hawley Andrews and William & Mary, majoring in international relations and minoring in environmental science policy. Passionate about promoting meaningful global change, Bennett seeks to understand the intersection between climate policy, development aid, and international security. To this end, Bennett recently published "Transforming the U.S. Foreign Aid and Development Bureaucracy to Address Modern Global Challenges: Learning from the U.S. Intelligence Community and Foreign Ministerial Structures to Maximize Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries." His other policy research has focused on China's Belt and Road Initiative and the global plastic waste trade. A Regeneron Scholar, he has also conducted science research on biological methods of degrading plastic and novel methods of harnessing ocean hydrokinetic and electrochemical energy. Previously, Bennett has held internships with the Japan Society, U.S. State Department's Greening Diplomacy Initiative, D.H. Infrastructure consulting for the World Bank, and the Federal Innovator's Salon.

Outside of academics, Bennett is committed to public service. At William & Mary, he served as a President's Aide, helping to shape the university’s strategic planning process. To promote civil discourse, Bennett founded the W&M Pancakes & Politics Club, helping to address increasing political polarization. Bennett is also an Eagle Scout and served on his hometown's Youth Commission, addressing various issues, including the youth component of the opioid crisis, expanding diversity training, and implementing community conservation.

Bennett is immensely grateful to be named a Pamela Harriman Fellow and honor the legacy of such an important figure in American, British, and French history.