• Chrome River SNAP Feature

    Chrome River has introduced a special product enhancement designed specifically for your business travelers. There’s nothing worse than trying to organize receipts from a business trip. Some are in your wallet or purse, some are in your laptop case, and some are in your back pocket. We all know that Snap & Send allows users to quickly take a photo of the receipt when and where the transaction took place and then toss the receipt! Chrome River is debuting a feature that true road warriors will appreciate because it allows them to capture and upload receipt images as expenses occur, share existing receipt images from their smartphone’s photo gallery app or from third-party photo apps, and separate business receipts from personal images.

  • FY19 Local Funds Policy Updates

    This is an updated local funds policy for FY19. This entails all the details for State versus Local funding.

  • Mileage Rate Change, January 1, 2018

    The standard business mileage rate for Travel and Moving and Relocation (M&R) expenses has changed effective January 1st, 2018

  • Travel Q&A Sessions

    Travel Q&A Sessions