Obtaining Form W-2 Online

CWM is required by federal law to provide each employee with a Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) that states the employee’s compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year, on or before January 31st of the following year. CWM employees may choose to access their W-2 statement electronically through Employee Self-Service (preferred) or receive a paper copy mailed to the home address on file.

The benefits of receiving an online W-2 form are:

  • Earlier access
  • Once received electronically, significantly less possibility that the W-2 may be lost or stolen
  • Access from any location with Internet availability
  • Environmental impact
Consent to Electronic Form W-2

Employers must comply with specific Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations (26 CFR 31.6051-1) to issue electronic W-2s, by employees consenting to receive an electronic W-2 instead of a paper copy. This notice contains the required IRS Disclosure Statement and Instructions for you to consent to accessing your W-2 electronically instead of receiving a paper copy.  CWM employees will be able to complete their consent form through Self-Service.

Withdrawal of Consent:

An employee may withdraw his or her consent at any time. Consent withdrawn by employees is effective for those W-2s not yet issued only, and does not apply to previously issued Forms W-2. To withdraw your consent, you may change your selection in Employee Self-Service to receive a paper copy.

Terminated Employees:

CWM can only provide paper W-2 to all terminated employees. Access to electronic W-2s is removed upon employment termination.  It is the responsibility of the employee to notify Human Resources of any change of address to ensure the correct forwarding of all correspondence from CWM, including W-2’s.

Request for Duplicate Form W-2s

Employees may request a duplicate document by submitting a Duplicate W-2 Request form http://www.wm.edu/offices/financialoperations/documents/DuplicateW-2Request.pdf via the Forms link on the Payroll website. Printing of the duplicate form may take 3-4 business days depending upon the payroll schedule.