Credits and Courses

Course titles and descriptions are subject to change. Below are the class descriptions for the 2018 American Politics Institute.

GOVT 391- 02: Polarization: Parties, Interest Groups, Media and the Electorate (3 credits)

This course will look at how political polarization has changed the behavior and interactions of political groups, parties, the media, and voters.  A polarized electorate changes the incentives and thus the behavior of various actors in the political system. We will explore the origins and extent of political polarization in America—considering how it manifests in electoral politics, policy debates, media coverage, and interpersonal interactions—to discuss the longer term effects on our political system and culture. 

GOVT 498- 01: Washington Program Internship/Internship in American Politics (3 credits)

Fellows will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to and witness firsthand the inner workings of American politics through an internship in the DC area.  

Both courses will be taught by Professor Jaime Settle.