Planning & Scheduling

Obligations to your Home Department

When teaching a course in the DC Winter Seminars, you are technically teaching a three credit course in the FALL semester (the College dos not have an official winter/January term).  Your home department will be paid a set amount per each student who enrolls in your course.

DC Winter Seminars Planning Timeline
June 1 Seminar courses confirmed for the following January
Mid-August Advertising begins
September 1 Student applications open
Early September Campus Information Session for interested students
October 1 Applications close
Early October Student offers extended
January 2 Move-in and welcome event
January 3 Orientation and Academic overview/prep session
January 4 - 12 Classes 9:00am - 5:00pm (Saturday and Sunday off, reserved for snow make ups)
January 13 Move-out
TBD Two discussion sections -- one before Winter Seminar, one after