Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are great for students who have a meal plan and live either on or off campus. It provides flexibility and convenience with your Tribe Card to use at on campus W&M Dining facilities.

Save Money

Your purchases made with Dining Dollars are tax free. That means any time you use Dining Dollars, you're saving 12%!

Flexible and Convenient

Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food and beverages at all W&M Dining and convenience locations. Anything from having a Domino's Pizza delivered to your dorm room, to grabbing a pint of ice cream, to meeting your friends for a specialty coffee drink. You won't need to carry cash or visit an ATM every time you need lunch or snack money. Don't know if you're running out? Check your balance at tribecard.wm.edu or ask any W&M Dining cashier when swiping your card.

Purchase Dining Dollars Anytime!

Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased in various increments at any time throughout the semester. You or your parents can purchase Dining Dollars online at dining.wm.edu

Note: Dining Dollars will not transfer between semesters or academic years.