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Consultative Services

Meet with a Specialist to discuss assessment design, course alignment, edtech integration, and more. Contact us at [[elearning]] or visit our directory page to contact an eLearning Specialist directly.

What to expect during a consultation:
  1. Identifying your goals (examples: improve course design, design a student project that aligns with course goals, etc.)
  2. Exploring various options to meet those goals.
  3. Clear outline of next steps by the faculty member and next steps by the APeL team.
  4. Follow-up email summarizing the consultation along with links to pertinent resources needed to be successful.
  5. Schedule a follow-up meeting when appropriate.
  • DIY pages: Faculty members who want to see some examples of their colleagues' innovations can visit our DIY pages here
  • CASPA worksheet: Our CASPA model is useful for anyone looking to integrate student assignments into their courses. It was created specifically to help faculty members teaching COLL 100 courses, but has a much broader applicability.