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Campus Street Addresses

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A listing of campus locations and street addresses.
Adair Hall 251 Ukrop Way
Admission (Undergraduate) 116 Jamestown Road
Alan B. Miller Hall (Business School) 101 Ukrop Way
Alexander Galt House (Dillard Complex) 213 Ironbound Road
Alumni House 500 Richmond Road
Amphitheatre Ticket Office 127 Ukrop Way
Andrews Hall 605 Jamestown Road
Barrett Hall 313 Jamestown Road
Barrett House 341 W. Francis Street
(The) Bee McLeod Recreation Center 400 Brooks Street
Bell Hall 109 Cary Street
Blank House 605 Wythe Lane
Blow Memorial Hall 262 Richmond Road
Boswell Hall 100 Ukrop Way
Brafferton 105 Jamestown Road
Brafferton Kitchen 107 Jamestown Road
Bridges House 228 Jamestown Road
Bryan Hall (Bryan Complex) 300A Richmond Road
Bull House 199 Armistead Avenue
Busch Field 600 Brooks Street
Cabell Hall (Randolph Complex) 500C Ukrop Way
Camm Hall (Bryan Complex) 300E Richmond Road
Campus Center 104 Jamestown Road
Campus Living Center 230 Gooch Drive
Ceramics Studio (Old Power Plant) 113 Grigsby Drive
Chancellors Hall 300 James Blair Drive
Chandler Hall 701 Landrum Drive
Cohen Career Center 180 Stadium Drive
Common Glory Boathouse 111 Ukrop Way
Commons Dining Hall 651 Ukrop Way
Commons Tennis Courts 651 Ukrop Way
Community Building 650 Ukrop Way
Corner House 402 Jamestown Road
Daily Grind 240A Gooch Drive
Davis House 112 North Boundary Street
Dawson Hall (Bryan Complex) 300D Richmond Road
Dillard Practice Fields 219 Ironbound Road
Dillard Tennis Courts 201 Ironbound Road
Dinwiddie Hall (Botetourt Complex) 100E Wake Drive
Discovery 1 5300 Discovery Park Boulevard
Discovery 2 5308 Discovery Park Boulevard
Discovery 3 5330 Discovery Park Boulevard
DuPont Hall 101 Wake Drive
Eagle Hall (Green & Gold Village) 700H Ukrop Way
Endocrinology Lab 803 South Henry Street
Environmental Health & Safety 208 South Boundary Street
Environmental Health & Safety Annex 204 South Boundary Street
Ewell Hall 221 Jamestown Road
Facilities Management Admin 115 Grigsby Drive
Facilities Management Annex 115A Grigsby Drive
Facilities Management Annex 115B Grigsby Drive
Facilities Management Annex 115C Grigsby Drive
Facilities Management Shops 121 Grigsby Drive
Fauquier Hall (Botetourt Complex) 100B Wake Drive
Gabriel Galt House (Dillard Complex) 209 Ironbound Road
Geology Storage 303 Tennis Court Road
Giles Hall (Randolph Complex) 500B Ukrop Way
Global Research Institute 427 Scotland Street
Gooch Hall (Botetourt Complex) 100C Wake Drive
Griffin Hall (Green & Gold Village) 700C Ukrop Way
Griggs House 404 Jamestown Road
Hardy Hall 700A Landrum Drive
Harrison Hall (Randolph Complex) 500D Ukrop Way
Hearth: Memorial to the Enslaved 115 Jamestown Road
Hoke House 220 Jamestown Road
Holmes House 308 Jamestown Road
Hornsby House 336 Jamestown Road
House 1 111 Richmond Road
House 2 127A Richmond Road
House 3 127B Richmond Road
House 4 127C Richmond Road
House 5 127D Richmond Road
House 6 127E Richmond Road
House 7 129 Richmond Road
House 8 131 Richmond Road
House 9 155 Richmond Road
House 10 205 Richmond Road
House 11 195 Armistead Avenue
House 12 197 Armistead Avenue
House 620 620 Ukrop Way
House 630 630 Ukrop Way
House 640 640 Ukrop Way
House 660 660 Ukrop Way
House 670 670 Ukrop Way
House 710 710 Ukrop Way
House 720 720 Ukrop Way
House 730 730 Ukrop Way
House 740 740 Ukrop Way
House 750 750 Ukrop Way
House 760 760 Ukrop Way
Hunt Hall 202 South Boundary Street
Institute for Integrative Conservation 221 North Boundary Street
Intramural Fields 801 Ukrop Way
Integrated Science Center (ISC) 540 Landrum Drive
James Blair Hall 250 James Blair Drive
Jefferson Hall 231 Jamestown Road
Jones Hall 200 Ukrop Way
Kaplan Arena 751 Ukrop Way
Keck Environmental Field Lab 200 Wake Drive
Lambert House 312 Jamestown Road
Landrum Hall 601 Landrum Drive
Law School 613 South Henry Street
Laycock Football Center 100 Gooch Drive
Lemon Hall 700B Landrum Drive
Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Graduate Complex 713 South Henry Street
Lion Hall (Green & Gold Village) 700L Ukrop Way
Ludwell Apartments (100-700) 100-700 Rolfe Road
Mackesy Tennis Center 500 Brooks Street
Madison Hall (Bryan Complex) 300B Richmond Road
Main Power Plant 110 Grigsby Drive
Martha Barksdale Athletic Field 501 Jamestown Road
Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre at Lake Matoaka 121 Ukrop Way
Martin Family Stadium Albert-Daly Field 275 Tennis Court Road
Matoaka Art Studio 141 Ukrop Way
McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center 705 South Henry Street
McGlothlin-Street Hall 251 Jamestown Road
McLeod Tyler Wellness Center 240 Gooch Drive
Meridian Coffee House 206 South Boundary Street
Minson Galt House (Dillard Complex) 205 Ironbound Road
Monroe Hall 226 Richmond Road
Montgomery Football Practice Facility 100 Gooch Drive
Montgomery Field 150 Gooch Drive
Murray House 101 Chandler Court
Music Arts Center 551 Jamestown Road
Muscarelle Museum of Art 611 Jamestown Road
Nicholas Hall (Randolph Complex) 500H Ukrop Way
Nicholson Hall (Botetourt Complex) 100D Wake Drive
North Henry 332 332 N. Henry Street
Old Dominion Hall 201 Richmond Road
One Tribe Place 415 Richmond Road
Page Hall (Randolph Complex) 500E Ukrop Way
Parking Deck 201 Ukrop Way
Patrick Galt Annex (Dillard Complex) 203 Ironbound Road
Patrick Galt House (Dillard Complex) 201 Ironbound Road
Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Memorial Hall 601 Jamestown Road
Pleasants Hall (Randolph Complex) 500G Ukrop Way
Plumeri Baseball Park 120 Tennis Court Road
Plumeri Field 120A Tennis Court Road
Plumeri House 119 Chandler Court
Police Department 201 Ukrop Way
President's Office 105 Jamestown Road
Preston Hall (Randolph Complex) 500A Ukrop Way
Prince George House 524 Prince George Street
Quonset Hut 1 116A Grigsby Drive
Quonset Hut 2 116B Grigsby Drive
Quonset Hut 3 116C Grigsby Drive
Quonset Hut 4 116D Grigsby Drive
Reves Center for International Studies 200 South Boundary Street
Reves Hall 200 South Boundary Street
Richmond Hall 902 Richmond Road
Rowe House 314 Jamestown Road
Sadler Center 200 Stadium Drive
Samuel E. Jones House 114 North Boundary Street
Sara Ives Gore Child Care Center 114 Grigsby Drive
School of Education 301 Monticello Avenue
Shenkman Jewish Center 406 Jamestown Road
Small Hall 300 Ukrop Way
Sorority Court 100 Richmond Road
Spotswood Hall (Botetourt Complex) 100A Wake Drive
Stetson House 232 Jamestown Road
Stimson Throwing Events Area 800 Ukrop Way
Stith Hall (Bryan Complex) 300C Richmond Road
Stryker House 424 Scotland Street
Swem Dillard Storage 301 Tennis Court Road
Swem Library 400 Landrum Drive
Tazewell Hall (Randolph Complex) 500F Ukrop Way
Travis House 345 W. Francis Street
Tribe Field Hockey Center 650 Brooks Street
Tribe Square 249 Richmond Road
Trinkle Hall 108 Jamestown Road
Tucker Hall 350 James Blair Drive
VIMS - Administration Building (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 40 Atlantic Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Andrews Hall 1309 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Boat Basin 1280 Franklin Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Brown House 1452 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Carlsen House (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 5 Riverview Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Catlett Burruss Research and Education Lab 7577 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Center for Coastal Resources Management 1455 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Chesapeake Bay Hall 1355 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve 7581 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Clayton House 7517 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Clayton House Annex 7527 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Council House (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 2 Riverview Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Customer Service Center 1279 Old Ferry Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Field Support Center 1219 Franklin Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Hall House 1444 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Hoxton Hall 1302 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - King House (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 4 Riverview Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Maury Hall 1363 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Nunnally Hall Fisheries Lab 7509 Roper Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Owens House (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 1 Liberty Street (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Oyster Hatchery 1200 Franklin Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Seaside Hall (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 40 Atlantic Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Seawater Facility (Eastern Shore Laboratory) 40 Atlantic Avenue (Wachapreague)
VIMS - Seawater Pier and Pumphouse Old Ferry Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Seawater Research Lab 1443 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Sowers House 7580 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Watermen's Hall 1375 Greate Road (Gloucester Point)
VIMS - Wilson House 7581 Spencer Road (Gloucester Point)
Washington Center 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 705 (Washington, DC)
Washington Hall 241 Jamestown Road
West Utililty Plant 281 Ukrop Way
Western Union Building 121 Richmond Road
William & Mary Bookstore 601 Prince George Street
William & Mary Peninsula Center 41 Old Oyster Point Road, Suite F (Newport News)
Williamsburg Professional Centre 1312 Mount Vernon Avenue
Willis Hall 112 Jamestown Road
Wren Building 111 Jamestown Road
Wren Dependencies North 111B Jamestown Road
Young House 205 Griffin Avenue
Zable Stadium at Cary Field 100 Stadium Drive
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